Hoaxes and Odd News for October 17, 2014

by waffles in Hoaxes & Rumors

Today we offer a¬†rundown of fake and bizarre stories circulating online for October 17, 2014. Ebola is a Hoax? A “report” heavily shared on social media, [...]


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    Curl secret from Infiniti Pro by Conair is a new entrant in the hair curling arena, offering an automated hair curling solution. Today we offer our Curl Secret review along [...]

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Urban Legends

  • Though rare, it is possible for laptops to catch fire.
    Did a laptop cause a fatal fire as online rumors have claimed, or is this yet another fake internet story? Today we take a closer look at the story and its implications. [...]

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Classic Hoax: 9/11 Tourist Guy

by Nonjoiner in Hoaxes & Rumors

Today we look back on a classic hoax, 9/11 Tourist Guy. An altered photo of a man standing at the top of the twin towers as a hijacked flight approaches. 9/11 Tourist Guy [...]