Hoaxes and Odd News for October 17, 2014

by waffles in Hoaxes & Rumors

Today we offer a¬†rundown of fake and bizarre stories circulating online for October 17, 2014. Ebola is a Hoax? A “report” heavily shared on social media, [...]


  • No Picture
    Have you seen commercials for Magic Jack Plus, or have you used the product? Today we offer our Magic Jack review and seek reviews from users as well. About Magic Jack Plus [...]

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Urban Legends

  • Though rare, it is possible for laptops to catch fire.
    Did a laptop cause a fatal fire as online rumors have claimed, or is this yet another fake internet story? Today we take a closer look at the story and its implications. [...]

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Classic Hoax: 9/11 Tourist Guy

by Nonjoiner in Hoaxes & Rumors

Today we look back on a classic hoax, 9/11 Tourist Guy. An altered photo of a man standing at the top of the twin towers as a hijacked flight approaches. 9/11 Tourist Guy [...]