Bowl of baby carrots
Hoaxes & Rumors

Are Baby Carrots Dangerous to Eat?

wafflesFebruary 11, 2016
weird cloud
Hoaxes & Rumors

Classic Viral Video: “Weird Cloud”

wafflesFebruary 9, 2016
the rock as johnny bravo
Hoaxes & Rumors

Fake Movie Poster: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Not in Bravo Movie

wafflesFebruary 8, 2016
Gooty Sapphire Ornamental Tree Spider
Odd News

Beautiful Spider: Gooty Sapphire Ornamental Tarantula

wafflesFebruary 6, 2016
Bernie Sanders

How Many Bernie Sanders Bills Have Passed?

wafflesFebruary 4, 2016
human brain
Hoaxes & Rumors

Do Humans Only Use 10% of Their Brains?

NonjoinerFebruary 4, 2016
Gang Headlight Warning
Hoaxes & Rumors

Urban Legend: Gang Headlight Initiation Kidnapping Hoax

wafflesFebruary 3, 2016
Hoaxed Alien Autopsy Film
Hoaxes & Rumors

Classic Hoax: Alien Autopsy

NonjoinerFebruary 3, 2016
hydrox cookies
Odd News

Oreo Cookies Began as a Knockoff of Hydrox Cookies

wafflesFebruary 2, 2016
eritrea hoax
Hoaxes & Rumors

Fake This Week: Bill Murray for President, Trump’s VP

James WhiteJanuary 31, 2016
robotic chef
Odd News

Future Tech: The Robotic Chef

wafflesJanuary 28, 2016
megyn kelly meme
Hoaxes & Rumors

Trump Tweets Fake Graphic, Saudi Prince Fires Back

wafflesJanuary 28, 2016