spider gas station fire
Odd News

Man Sets Gas Station on Fire Trying to Kill a Spider

wafflesSeptember 29, 2015
Viral Facebook Privacy Notice Hoax
Hoaxes & Rumors

Useless Facebook Privacy Notice Goes Viral. Again.

wafflesSeptember 28, 2015
remember matilda
Hoaxes & Rumors

False Comparison: This isn’t the “Matilda” Star Today

wafflesSeptember 26, 2015
Hidekichi Miyazaki
Odd News

105 Year Old Sprinter Sets World Record

wafflesSeptember 25, 2015
happy birthday
Odd News

“Happy Birthday” Song Enters Public Domain

wafflesSeptember 24, 2015
pumpkin spice tampons hoax
Hoaxes & Rumors

Fake Graphic: Tampax Pumpkin Spice Tampons

wafflesSeptember 21, 2015
purple carrots
Hoaxes & Rumors

When Carrots Were Purple

wafflesSeptember 20, 2015
trapped dog
Odd News

Dog Stands Watch Over Trapped Friend

wafflesSeptember 19, 2015
smash and grab
Odd News

Thieves Steal Only the Fake Phones at a Verizon Store

wafflesSeptember 17, 2015
Man with axe in back seat of car
Hoaxes & Rumors

Classic Urban Legend: The Man in the Back Seat

wafflesSeptember 15, 2015
cookie on floor
Odd News

Five Second Rule: Real or Myth?

wafflesSeptember 15, 2015
stolen diamond
Odd News

Swallowed Stolen $300k Diamond “took 12 minutes to extract”

wafflesSeptember 14, 2015