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10 Most Doll-Like Photos of Venus Palermo, aka VenusAngelic

10 Most Doll-Like Photos of Venus Palermo, aka VenusAngelic

We have another offering in the “Living Doll” debate, this one featuring teenage Venus Palermo, also known as VenusAngelic. This young lady has perfected the art of dress-up, looking more and more doll-like in each video. The question is if Venus Palermo is real and if she is deserving of the attention she receives.

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Venus was popular on YouTube until being removed for copyright violations in 2016. It was there you’d find strangely-presented instructional videos, or footage of her dancing around like a typical teenager. An odd characteristic about her videos is that her voice-overs are in an unusual accent that is annoys some people. It also seems apparent that she is using some sort of contact lens in order to have a more anime-like appearance.

There are certainly many issues in these “living doll” stories, such as if the person is real, or if there is a controlling parent fueling the success. One must wonder how long Venus will be able to continue her girl-like videos, and if she will be able to parlay her current success into something long term. Those issues, however, are beyond the scope of this article. Here were merely want to present to you some of the most doll-like photos of Venus Palermo, and let you decide for yourself if she is worthy of the attention.


How does Venus achieve this doll-like look? If you watch a few of her videos, she reveals many of her hair and makeup secrets. There are obviously a few other things that contribute such as contact lenses, lighting, angles of photography (note that all of her pictures feature her looking up at he camera). If you see Venus outside of her controlled environment, she looks more like a teenager dressed up like a doll, as seen in this screenshot from a television interview.

You can see the full interview with Venus Palermo and her mother in the video below. Do you think her accent is real, or is it part of her act? Note that she and her mother appear to have completely different accents.


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  • Chubby kitty??

    I think she is the most beautiful girl in the world! So cute and sweet. I Love her videos!!

  • aj

    Sorry, but I’m not really getting why so many people seem to think she literally looks like a doll. Yeah she wears doll looking clothes, contacts, & styles herself to look like one, but to me anyway, she just looks like a young girl wearing doll clothes, not the ‘living doll’ that everyone seems to think. She’s a cute girl and all, but she just looks like a regular young girl wearing certain clothes and makeup. Even in the photos where she poses like a doll again, just look like a regular young girl posing a certain way. I’d never look at those & be like, ‘oh my god, she doesn’t even look real’.

  • Ron

    I think she’s absolutely beautiful!

  • Jessy

    I think she is as cute as a button, and her look/style takes creativity. Her look is far better than the jersey shore look/style.

  • Anne

    I think she’s really cute and in Japam that style is popular it’s called sweet Lolita and over their if she was to walk down a Tokyo street no one would give her a second glance only cos she’s in the UK and the Brits arnt used to that really but I don’t see anything wrong with her

  • Lucy

    People could be so ignorant. Why would a parent be horrified if their child wanna dress like that. It is just another hobby. Good for you Venus Palermo for doing what you like.

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