2068886592 Phone Number: Waka Network Gift Card Scam

Is the phone number 206-888-6592 calling you and you want to know who it is? Read on to find out more about who these pests are and what they want.

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Survey Telemarketer
The group associated with this phone number is the Waka Network.

There appear to be two websites associated with Waka Network: wakanetwork.com and wakanetworkinc.com.  A cursory whois lookup tells us that wakanetwork.com was only created recently, on September 23, 2011, while wakanetworkinc.com is even newer, created in November of 2011. The sites themselves don’t mention the gift cards or surveys, but instead appear to be local-based deals similar to LivingSocial.com. How this particular gift card scam is related to their websites is something of a mystery. Both wakanetwork.com and wakanetworkinc.com claim to be subsidiaries of Easy Communications. Wakanetworkinc.com claims that the company was founded in Nevada.

Their Sales Pitch
Once they get your number into their database, they’ll start calling you over and over again, sometimes at very early hours. They’re telemarketers – what do they care? Telemarketers are bad enough, but unethical ones are the worst. They will try to pull a not-so-clever bait-and-switch tactic on you, with slight variations in the approach. They may tell you that they want to give you a $10 Wal-Mart card, and all they need is some contact info. They may also want to up-sell you to a $100 Wal-Mart card in exchange for filling out a survey. Either of these cards will eventually require your credit card number and contact information for some phony “processing” charge such as $2.98. Do not give these people your credit card information!

If you ask them how they got your number, they’ll probably tell you that you filled out a survey online, which you probably didn’t. If you ask them what survey it was, they either won’t know or will tell you some cryptic name that won’t sound familiar.

The Phone Numbers
Calling 206-888-6592 will yield you a fast busy signal, which means they’re probably spoofing the number. Anyone who will call you from a number that you can’t call back is conducting bad business and should be avoided.

Wakanetwork.com lists a phone number of 877-332-1490. When I called this number, I let it ring 12 times, and no one answered.

Wakanetworkinc.com lists a phone number of 877-237-9772. This one also rang with no answer.

They may also call from 657-306-7365. When I tried to call this number, it wouldn’t go through at all.

What To Do
You can try calling the 877 number and try to get removed, though it probably won’t help. You can try filing a complaint for violation of the Do Not Call registry, which again may be futile. The best thing to do is to block the number if you are capable. What I do is a little more vindictive… I’ll let them go through their sales pitch, and ask interested questions. I’ll give them completely bogus contact information and then at the very end I’ll politely inform the caller that I just purposely wasted their time and hang up.

Further Reading
How to Block a Specific Phone Number From Calling 

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207 Comments on 2068886592 Phone Number: Waka Network Gift Card Scam

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    • I got scammed and I don’t get scammed i cancelled that damn day within the hour my letter was so expcit it was disgusting…my bank wont give me back the 59.99 and i was SCREAMING AT THIS LIL bi88838838 on the phone a week ago sunday night and said if you don’t… omg im so angry so i called my bank the nextday cuz it was sunday and as we wer talking on the phone another chargeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee was going through i guess i pissed her off so bad that she put through a chrge of 19,98 and the girl stopped it i don’t understnad why my bank wont give me back my money, i’m so broke as imsure everyone is or we wouldn’t be going after a 10 dollar gift card.. i got the letter yesterday and i called and called and said im calling the local police and have them go there and you’re gonna get arreted for stealing and scammming one minute they are immediately refunding my money i said hold on im callingmy bank ohh it takes 3 hours then its 3 to 4 days then it’s twelve then its teh portals down im so upset and angry no. 1 it happened to me and i don’t let things go if it is the last thing i do im gonna get these scumbags,,,,,,,,,,,,, i told the girl on the phone i said i undertand you need a paycheck but do you realize whaat you are doing to innocentn peoplle what if this happened to you i said yu are a scammer and i was swearing and cussing and og im so wored upp rightnow i could throw up i wanna help i will do anything to get thee people what can i do ohh this is published by wakanewtork you guys suck and you are goinggggggggggggggggggggg downn u understand meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      • Well it seems like they have moved the scram to Grand Rapids, MI ….They just start calling me today and I know it was something weird about this…. so here is the numbers they call from now and she do pick up……866-599-5998, (616)259-4221..good luck with shutting this people down..:)

    • Here is another telephone number calling with an automated voice, directing you to your computer. 352-578-1206

      The voice offered a $100 Walmart card, $50 gas card and etc. and then directed me to my computer so “it” could assist me with connecting to the site. The voice is so automated, that it cannot respond “appropriately” if you ask it a question – so I just kept asking “it” questions. “It” hung up.

    • Just got a call from them on 803-702-0375. They supposedly try to walk you through signing up on a member website for savings lots of different ways. It is not a person, it is an automatted voice. You won $160 yada yada yada, but you end up signing up for a 7 day trail for $2.99 DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CARD NUMBER! I called the number back, got another automated voice then a option to press 1 to continue the sign up or 2 to go on the do not call list. I pressed 2.

  2. I just put this up here if you guys or women need information on how to try to get your money back!!They also tried calling my telephone today, saying I won $100,00 walmart gift card plus other gift cards,kept on pressing me to go to their website and inter my credit card information!!(I told them no!!) I don’t have one and I don’t trust you!! They keep on saying that they are a legitmate online company,a bunch of other b.s sale tactics they tried saying on the phone!! They also told me well you can give us your account number!! I then told them no way!!!! Then she kept on saying and offering a bunch of other b.s sales tactics!! I hung up and then they tried calling me 2 more times!! I answered the phone and a black tough sounding woman was trying to talk to me!! Asking for me!! I hung up on them again!! I only hope they don’t call me no-more!! Some one call the FBI and The FTC on these people they sound like a bunch of liers and crooks!!

  3. Contact FBI Headquarters

    FBI Headquarters
    935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, D.C. 20535-0001
    (202) 324-3000


  5. NATIONAL DO-NOT CALL REGISTRY CALL THIS: 1-(888)-382-1222. TTY: 1-(866)-290-4236.
    REPORT VIOLATIONS:CALL THESE PEOPLE AT,1-(888)-382-1222.TTY: 1-(866)-290-4236.

  6. This is totally SCAM!!!!

  7. First of all…don’t ever EVER give your credit card number to someone over the phone, that you do not know is a legit company.

    This company is using a VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol). I received a phone call from (459) 121-8344 stating I can get a Wal-Mart gift card due to a survey I filled out online. I know this is crap because I never do those, and for sure I would never use my real phone number.

    After researching for hours, I found more info on this company leading to Waka Network. They are not located in the United States. On their webpages http://wakanetwork.com, http://uwonaprize.com/, http://www.wakanetworkinc.com, lists 2 addresses. One is overseas, and the other is located in Nevada.

    After more research, I discovered the Nevada address is that of the lawfirm Carroll, Kelly, Trotter, Franzen & McKenna. I have just called this lawfirm using the number on their webpage to alert them of Waka Network using their address, but as of right now, I have not received a response.

    Also, on their webpage states “Copyright © 2012 by Waka Network.” I check the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and there is no record of Waka Network, or any similar name with a US Copyright.

    The customer service numbers for Waka Network is 1-877-332-1490 & 1-877-237-9772.

    Its obvious this company is scamming. Protect yourself, protect your card numbers. If you have given them your CC#…CHANGE IT!

    As far as stopping the calls from them, in reality there is not a damn thing you can do, other than having their number blocked.

    Hope this bit of info helps. Myself, I am going to find an auto dialer, and have it call their customer service numbers over and over.

    • This is the website I was originally told to go through. I am lucky & was only charged $2.99 for $100.00 gas & $50 Walmart cart of which I never could log in to print the coupons. The phone number people need to call is 866-259-9490 as this is the one they use to take your money out of your account. Upon calling this number you do get a real person who doesn’t hang up on you! I informed that if I couldn’t get onto site with them on the phone I would report to my bank as fraud & the bank would come after them. All of a sudden she told me that there was a technical issue on their site & would cancel & refund money within 8-12 days; even gave a reference number & her full name. I will not hold my breath while waiting for this refund but hopefully this number will help someone else out.

  8. So far I only got stung for $2.98. I am going to block this company from applying charges to my debit card. I was willing to gamble $2.98 even if all I got was a $10 Walmart gift card. But I got suspicious and googled this company to learn of the scam. Shame on them and shame on me for being suckered.

    • @Jack, there is no shame on you or any of us who have been scammed by these a-holes. They need a life and stop F_vin over good hard working people. I just want them to go down, and never get back up!
      Anyway, Thanks for the info And we will have better days.
      Thanks again,
      Diana L Allen

  9. Bobby-ITIPHILIPPINES // October 24, 2012 at 6:18 am // Reply

    Sylvia Davis is a ROBOT… I can attest to that… because i was one the agents pushing the buttons for Sylvia Davis to talk… But when I learned that I am Working for a COMPANY aiming to scam people… I quit from that job… SYLVIA DAVIS is a program used by agents to talk to prospect who might be willing to sign-up… PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE their speels… Dont be fooled for you are just talking to a robot… Their Callcenter is located in the PHILIPPINES…

  10. I was talking to some one on the phone but disconnected

  11. This sickens me, I recieved a call just now, and the speaker sounded automated. Not trusting it, I went online, found this site and laughed. I went back on the phone and said. ” Sorry BITCH I am not interested in your sick twisted desperation for money. You people sicken me, and you are hurting many people, though I am sure you don’t care. I’m just glad I am one less person to fall for your shit. Don’t call this number again. I will happily be reporting your organization to the feds. Have a nice day.”

    PLeas please please spread the word of this scam, and get be the catalyst to stops this scam!!!!

    Well I think you should first call Walmart, and tell them what is going on. That’s what I did first when my close friend went through the same thing. ask to speak with the manger, and explain the situation, let them know what is going on, spread the word, and inform them of the fraud website. I would even suggest getting many other people to call as well. Fight them until they do something about it. Then from there, speak to your local FBI agency, and bring them to justice. The FBI should be able to do something about it. Fraud is a complicated thing. Do not try to solve it on your own. Get the professionals, like the FBI.

    • omg i knew they weren’t legal wheni did it i feel so stupid i called then worse tan a tbitch trust me i said i have friends that will send a virus and shut these damnpeople down and tear down their website. f them.

  12. Got same Call from no 459-121-8344

  13. I just got the call from 971-373-2920. Portland, OR. When I tried to go to their site my computer told me not to enter that it is a dangerous page.

  14. waka company is contact agents in hamburg, germany.

  15. William Eason // November 12, 2012 at 8:34 am // Reply

    Wish I had found your website first. They clipped me for the $2.99. As soon as I went to the site it said that a major update was in progress and would be available in about 48 hours. Then I found the part about charging my card in 7 days for about sixty bucks. Then I found the tab to redeem the gas discount and the WalMart gift card. Total bogus terms – spend some, mail in receipts and then wait weeks for a few dollars refund. That means they would have collected $60.00 plus $20.00 bucks a month while waiting for $5 or $10 dollar refunds. I used the contact us button and the live chat button. At first the contact us Chat Line said no Agents available to send an email but that feature was not working either – gave a 1109 error code. So I opened another chat window and finally got a message to call 877-332-1490. Finally “Harry” answered and processed the cancellation with a confirmation number of 558516. “Harry” talked fast and had an accent that I found difficult to understand but I believe that he said I would still be charged a processing fee of $2.99. If that is all I will consider it tuition to learn how their slick “responding to the survey someone at my house took” works. If they charge more then VISA and other Authorities will hear my complaint.

    • did anyone get charged more then the 2.99 after requesting this to be canceled, she did not ask myname or anything just gave me a concellation number

  16. It is 11/14/2012 and i have also been called on my cell and home phones in regards to this survey,getting a reward for doing the survey

    • They just called me out of the blue and tried that same game. “Tried.” I didn’t tell them anything, was a woman who had a crackling line, and I said no, you are not geeting any information from me. She said it is because of a web survey I filled out. I said “really? Did I win?” She said I am entitled to a $100 gas card, $10 cash voucher for WalMart and $50 for a shopping trip . I just said,”lady, I couldn’t have filled out anything, I am blind and my assistant did not fill it out either. I did also say that my husband is a police officer and that he would like to talk to her. She hung up!! This is the number that she called from: (459) 121-8344 Ha! Good luck finding me for a sucker :-)

  17. Yep, I just got scammed. I googled after I gave my info. I immediately told my husband because I don’t keep secrets from him at all. He told me to call my credit card company and to put a block on the card. He will be calling tomorrow to get me a new credit card with my married name on it. Thank you for this website! I can’t believe I fell for this.

  18. I am so happy I decided not to go threw with this! This obvious automatic voice starts by saying you can win all these things, which felt to good to be true in the first place. Call it curiosity, I decided to listen to what she had to say. But, at the almost end I saw credit card information pop up, not listening to any more I hung up and look up reviews for this so called company. that’s when I came across this wonderful website. Thanks!

  19. My cellphone has been blowing up ! They call all times day and night. Same story as everyone, automated voice telling me i took survey blah blah Walmart gift card. I was curious and followed her instructions online to the website,soon as i seen credit card info. I played dumb like i don’t have credit card,then she explains how they ate trusting company they would never jeopardize lose everything that they took establish the company and some other bs, told the bitch no thanks and hung up!i would never give my credit card info to no one over phone! These scammers are snakes.

  20. A agree with that. i was also a agent of that call center here in the ph, while im working in that company i made a litle background check of the company, then i realize that the company is big scam.

    • Geronimo Aurellano // January 11, 2013 at 11:34 am // Reply

      Hi sleepless,Im a Filipino and new here , I was scammed last night jan 10 2013 .Saan sa pilipinas address nila? ortigas? Do I have a chance to get a refund? or talagang scam!

  21. Sylvia davis is a robot. .controled by an agent
    in one of many call centers in the philippines,
    because i was sylvia davis too. .but now they
    have a new strategy lets call her JOSEPH
    PETERS strategy, they call u then he ofer well
    ofer that if want to continue your education
    then if your are qualified he well transfer you to
    other agent. ThenBOOM BOOm. .the scaming

  22. The pone number that came up for me was 0000000000 and listed as “unknown” I believe that they are getting better at hiding their #, but that just made me more suspicious! I did not bite.

  23. I thought I was crazy when the automated robot told me to call 1800-xxx-BITCH! But it makes more sense when the former employee stated that the employees choose what the automated voice says during each phone call. How unprofessional and fraudulent!

  24. Well I got “GOT”!!!! But they have not heard the last from me. If it doesn’t do any good “O WELL” a lesson learned. But I’m getting in someones ass. “HELL” is on her way!!! It’s my turn, don’t F__K with my money, even $2.99. And I’ll be back.

    I have a date with wakanetwork.com!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Just mess with them back when they call its very amusing! Ask her questions that she won’t be able to answer with their soundboard

  26. This scam happened to me recently, and man am I embarrassed.

    I got a call from a “Sylvia Davis” (who, it turns out, is just a clever robot) saying I won $100.00 in free gas from an online survey. Ironically, I REALLY HAD just taken a survey at school and one of the advertized prizes WAS free gas money. Oh bitter irony…

    Anyway, these scumbags took my info, billed me $2.99 for “processing” (but nothing was ever sent anywhere), then billed for $59.99 and then again for $19.98. NONE OF THESE CHARGES WERE AUTHORIZED.

    I called the “company”‘s customer service number and demanded that I be refunded the stolen amount and that my account be cancelled. I talked to an “Angela” (who was obviously from India). She told me that she cancelled my account and that my refund would be issued in 3-5 days. She gave me some bogus, 6-digit cancellation number, BUT MY ACCOUNT WAS NOT CANCELLED. I can still access it. This makes me seriously doubt that I’ll be able to get a refund from them.


    1) Call the company to at least try to get a refund and cancel your account. Don’t expect it to happen, though (even if they tell you they will). This step is important.

    2) Call you bank. DON’T WAIT FOR THE “REFUND”. THESE PEOPLE WILL KEEP BILLING YOU. Speak to a banker/teller and report that your credit/debit information has been stolen.

    3) You will then be transferred (most likely) to some form of claims department. NOTE: you will NOT be able to file a claim for “fraud” because these people get YOU to GIVE them your information (it isn’t actually “stolen”–these people are sneaky like that).

    The person in the claims department won’t immediately give you your money back because they can’t actually file for fraud. BUT, they can file for non-fraud. THEY WILL ASK YOU IF YOU’VE TRIED TO CALL THE COMPANY–THIS IS WHY IT’S IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO.

    4) The claims office will close down the account and issue you a new card (that is, if it’s a debit card; contact a credit company if your credit info was stolen). They will also give you a claim number. They will tell you to wait 15 days to see if the company gives you your refund as “promised”. If it doesn’t come in that 15 days (which it won’t), then the bank will issue you back your money and file dispute charges with the company.


    5) Scan your computer for any viruses or malware. I’ve done some research and found that Waka’s site can sometimes use sneaky malware to get more information from your computer. DELETE ANY CORRUPTED FILES, VIRUSES, OR MALWARE THAT YOU FIND.

  27. Definitely a siri-style system. Called me from 972-587-7377
    ^”Sylvia Davis”
    “two three” years old =|
    Mentioning any kind of sexual action along with keywords like “visa” and “offer” will get a response along the lines of “We accept both Visa and Mastercard. We are certified through Verisign. Etc.”

    • well, i was working at these company before.. if you ever have questions ask me..
      Silvia Davis opening spill: “HI my name is silvia im calling from waka network about the online survey you participated in. how are you doing today?”

      ahaha boomm! this is a scam!

    • voltman…

      If you would, kindly contact the US Secret Service Financial Crimes Division at: (202)406-8000.

      Please explain your info with them, if they’re in the Philippines. They will contact INTERPOL.

      Hey…think about it…you may be the one person that could actually stop this international crime ring and save many perspective and innocent people from losing their money to these scumbags!!!

  28. Brent Carter // January 29, 2013 at 9:24 am // Reply

    got a call from waka this moruld not and hung up on hering and they woke me up i told them what my anti virus said and they told me to ignore it i told sylvia i would not and hung up on her


  30. Just got a call myself from a Sylvia Davis. She sounded like a robot, however she did respond to questions once she was probed. I even asked her to spell “Waka” and in a sarcastic way she did.
    What robot do you know can interact like this?
    If anything, it could possibly be a man with a electronic device that gives the impression of a woman. The voice appeared ‘Young’ as in the 20′s. There was no accent, leading me to believe that she was from outside of the Continental U.S., unless she’s an Expat.

    She had stated that she was “New at this”. From what I’m reading on here though, this appears to not be the case. I gather that she wanted to appear ‘Innocent’, so that she can “Reel in her victim(s)”.

    She gave me the same formatted script that all of you received. My main concern was HOW she got my number, when it is unlisted?!

    I also asked where she was located and her response was Daytona Beach, however, the (234) area code (below), originates from Akron, Ohio. Thus another fabricated claim. The prefix designates it to be a cell phone.
    The last “FIVE” digits are perplexing. Why was their a fifth?
    Anyway, I to will contact the feds and report this.

    I pressed *69 and the automated operator stated that the number was:

  31. Further, on my previous posting, in RE: wakanetwork.com…

    Just contacted the FBI and was advised to contact:

    United States Financial Crimes Division @ (202)406-8000.

    As the FBI agent in DC stated, if they “Skipped the Pond” and are operating in another country, this is in THEIR Jurisdiction. If they are abroad, the USFCD works with INTERPOL.

    If you believe that they are within the US, contact your local FBI field office instead of the DC main office.

    Good Luck and lets put pricks like this out of business, lock them up and throw away the key.

  32. well i fell for the scam like a damn idiot, i gave them my credit card number that didnt have enough funds but the lady hung up as soon as the credit card numbers were entered, so i thought something was fishy about this, she just wanted my credit card info, i didnt feel right about this and kinda felt sick to my stomach so i called to cancel my account, the man said the account was never set up because insufficient funds, so i called my credit card company and they said they did try to pull money out of my account, they said with companies like this they usually start with a small amount then go for the bigger amount afterwards. so we cancelled that card, so to waka im happy to say you wont get a dime from me or my kids. i have learned my lesson and will never ever fall for this again.

  33. oh yah the number they called me from was a local number, 320-365-7144, weird but true, and the customer service number was 1-877-332-1490. i guess i fell for it because it was local, so i thought.

  34. GrammyGibson // February 3, 2013 at 4:07 am // Reply

    I have had several calls from 269-213-8978. I listened to the pitch last night – promise of gifts cards, put in my credit card for $2.99, receive an email, click on free gift cards, call special 800 number and cancel 7 day free trial for $2.99. I kept asking what was Step 3 of special login to their website, woman kept going back to script of secure website, would not cheat me for pennies. I opened another browser and saw scam alerts. Refused her offer and told her to take me off call list. Her introduction was that I had completed online surveys, which I have, from what I thought was a secure website company. Since completing some surveys, I have had several text messages offering all sorts of deals. I have listed my phone on federal no call website for telemarketers.

  35. Received a call this evening from them. I just said it sounds like a scam and hung up!

  36. I am worried also about how they got my phone number. Now I know the internet, and I know computers, I’ve only fallen for a scam once ever and never again. It wasn’t hard to tell it was a scam when they said I filled out a form for a gift card online (and wouldn’t tell me what website it was on., actually they hung up every time I asked a question) and said I indicated I was interested in looking for a job. I am DISABLED!!!!! Okay so I began to record after the first call and basically got it all on tape. It was “Joseph” every time. I kept calling the number back until I got the website and they say wakanetwork.com. Of course I didn’t go to it I just want the info. The number they called from showed up, Illinois: 815-219-4914. And you can call it and speak to Joseph the man/robot. Since it kept interrupting me with whole sentences while I was already speaking a sentence, it wasn’t hard to tell. So if they have my phone number, what else do they have? I’ve called my disability to get statements for the last couple months, seeing as I only just got a card from them that they just came out with. I am thinking time to see if anything bad is on my credit report too. Ugh I just feel worried because this month I actually had a day that I had a certain amount of money and then suddenly it was gone on the same day, within hours. This is the kind of stress I am unable to cope with. It’s bs like this that is a definite factor in what disabled me, essentially. I think I’ll be calling those phone numbers someone listed to the FBI or whatever.

  37. They are hitting Pa today, been called twice so far today, don’t have caller ID, so don’t no # they were calling from.
    I got to the enter credit card part and say no way. First time I hung up. The 2nd time, the she bott tried everything she could to get me to enter cc#, even gave me the 1-877-332-1490#, so I told her my card was downstairs, and it would take me time to get it. I sat receiver down and it took them 12 minutes, before they hung up.(hope I saved someone)

  38. The lady call me I wednt to website and read all the reviews and very nicely told the lady to take her scam and shove it. So I jsut wnat to thank everyone for the reviews you saved my bank account!!

    And I hope noone get taken by this company or any other scams compies out there.

  39. Tanisha Edwards // February 26, 2013 at 3:23 pm // Reply

    I received two calls today about the waka network…they said i won a $100 gas gift card and $50 dollar price I was ready to go to the so called waka network website but, when i was going my computer d/c…and im so happy it did…this is the number for everyone (912)200-7032 PLEASE DO NOT ANSWER THIS NUMBER…I called back and the number is disconnected…NEVER ever give your personal information to anyone…always remember nobody will give anything for free…sounds too good to be true…im going to contact the FBI so they know about this…she said would call back tommorrow but now IM READY FOR HER…thank you to all of you for informing people about this.

  40. This company started calling us since February 1, 2013 non-stop up to 15 times a day from all different numbers showing on caller ID.

    Finally I answered around 2/15/2013 to ask these Buzzards to quilt calling. This Sylvia was belligerent. Calls us back in a few seconds and our name and phone number is showing up on our caller ID.

    I phoned the FCC and spoke to someone and filed a report. This is called ID Spoofing. They call your local area showing your name and phone number.

    I wised up and started filing on-line complaints to the Do No Call and the FCC complaint pages. To date we have 111 complaints to the Do Not Call and 97 to the FCC site.

    Aslo as of this date the Sylvia calls have stopped as well as 15 calls a day from scams to about 1 or 2 every other day.

    Let’s all band together and make the phone call to the FCC (it was not hard) and go on line and start filing complains as they come in.

    We can start plucking the BUZZARD’S feathers together and pick their bones clean not our credit cards.

  41. Sylvia is still alive and well in florida. I started getting calls this morning, and when I told them I was too busy to talk, they kept calling me back every hour untill I finally took the call. I was then directed to an online website to have them “guide me through” a process so they could send me my “free” $100.00 gas card, and $100.00 walmart gift card. First of all, nothing is free, second, when I answered a question with a non commital answer she gave very vauge answer. When she gave me the website, (she even spelled it for me),I put it into the google search and it showed several websites with the word SCAM after them. She asked me if I was at the website, and I said “yea,(chukle,chuckle) it says SCAM!!! Well….she hung up. Its funny how even an automated voice knows the word SCAM! So, yes PieWacker, I will join your cause and call the FCC. This is the second scam in a week for me, and for someone who had their identy stolen, You can never NOT do enough. so, people, call anyone who will listen and who can help in any way what so ever. Join the cause!!!

    • Yes Teri I am in Florida also.

      So glad to see that we can join forces to try to stop these Vultures.

      Good luck to you and don’t give up. I received e-mails today from the FCC claiming they received my complaints and I have the right to file suit. I will follow up.

      Good Luck to you Teri and all those out there being harassed by these VULTURES. Teri and PieWacker have plucked a few feathers.

  42. I am in the 360 area code and have received so many calls from 352-578-1206 that I have them in my cell phone’s address book as “Spam Caller.” I’ve had many missed calls and answered twice. Both of the times I answered, they claimed that I had filled out a survey in an attempt to win an iPod or Walmart Gift Card. The first time I answered the phone, I told them never to call me again. The second time I answered the phone, I told the woman that I had already requested to be taken off their list. She became quite combative and insisted that I participated in an online survey for an iPod or Walmart Gift Card. I informed her that I would be reporting their incessant calls as unsolicited cell phone spam. I did not follow any bogus links online in an attempt to win a free round trip ticket to Walmart, gross.

  43. Call from Hubard Oh, (330) 269-0654, same deal. She gets very angry when you refuse to take your “gifts”. Why would they care if you decline them???

  44. Aggravated // March 15, 2013 at 4:23 pm // Reply

    My cell has received over a dozen calls by # 912-200-7032 in the last few days – according to 800notes.com others have associated this # w/this WakaNetwork. I have not answered these calls but find them to be very harassing.

  45. When I call the MI number back, it will not even let me be removed from the call list. They actually give you the option(#2) and it doesn’t work. They still keep calling several times a day. My next move will be more drastic.

  46. got call and fell for scam. i called to cancel and they say i get free trial. i said i don’t want it. they also said i would get email but i have not gotten. right now i feel so stupid

  47. Michael T Virtudazo // May 16, 2013 at 9:04 pm // Reply

    Be informed that Anti Cybercrime Group of the Philippine National Police raided the Interface Techno-Phil. Inc., a call center in the Cebu City, Philippines for offering an alleged SCAM WAKANETWORK Waka Savings Club on the midnight of May 15, 2013. the raiding team was led by Police Senior Inspector Michaael Virtudazo of Anti-Cybercrime Group.

    If you are a victim of such scam, you can lodge your complaint at the office of the PNP-Anti-Cybercrime Group through SINSP Michael T Virtudazo with email address [email protected].

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