3025269252 Phone Number Texting You?

Yesterday I wrote about a text I received for a free iPad2 giveaway. Today I received almost the exact same text from 302-526-9252. Is this place a scam and is this giveaway legit? Let's take a look at the text itself, received today:

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We are giving away iPad2s to the first 1000 mobile users that go to http://giveawaysonmobile.com and enter code XXXX to qualify. Optout at celloptout.com

The XXXX above represents a 4-digit number that I left off in case it provides them information about me. This text and website are obviously related to the same “giveaway” sent out via text from 480-236-7582 a few days ago, as the website looks identical and both use celloptout.com for their supposed opt out service.

A Whois lookup of giveawaysonmobile.com shows us that it was only created two days prior to this writing, on March 25, 2012. (2013 update: the URL is no longer registered). The site itself shows 149 out of 1000 supposedly remaining. As with the other website we wroteup, leftovers4u.com, this one also provides us with no details whatsoever. We’re basically given a code, a URL, and told to enter the number.

Participation Required is all you need to see to know there is no free iPad2 in your future.

Because the website has only existed for 2 days, because there are no details or terms, and because they’ve used the same promotion with different URL”s, it’s safe for me to say this is most likely a scam and I highly recommend not participating. Not convinced? There’s more.

There is a button on the bottom of the website that reads “Don’t Have A Code?” and if you click that, you will be taken  to the url ipad2.computerrewardstoday.com, which also has a “free” iPad2 offer – free with “participation required.”

Now it’s starting to make sense.

Reading their terms, we read that we must become a DailyDealFinder.com member. Doing so requires you to participate in the program to the letter, which will end up being virtually impossible. So in the end, you will have signed up for their sponsor services, and will almost certainly never get a free iPad2. Such “Membership Incentives” listed in their terms include signing up for credit cards and holding it for at least 60 days. You will be required to sign up for 13 promotional offers, and do them all exactly as stated. You also must refer three friends to sign up for 13 promotional offers. Good luck doing that.

In other words, it won’t happen. Ever.

If there ends up being a free iPad2 down the line, it will end up costing you much more than the iPad2 itself.

Here are the exact requirements listed on their site: Prospective members must:

  • (a) submit their zip code to determine geographic eligibility;
  • (b) register with a valid and deliverable email address;
  • (c) submit accurate contact and demographic information including a physical mailing address
  • (d) acquire two sponsor action points from the Top Offers Group, two offers from the Prime Offers Group, and 9 offers from the Premium Offers Group for a total of 13 sponsor offers;
  • (e) and refer three friends to do the same (i.e. register and complete the required number of sponsor offers).


How “free” does all of this sound to you?

Article updated September 30, 2013

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3 Comments on 3025269252 Phone Number Texting You?

  1. mark stephens // July 11, 2012 at 5:49 pm // Reply

    scam phone # 608-216-4212; website http://www.target.com.tfty.biz

  2. Heather Avery // October 26, 2012 at 1:11 pm // Reply

    I got a text message saying : Congrats Best Buy Rewards member….Please complete our annual survey to get an Apple Product as a gift. http://www.bit.ly/TGh1In !From a # 228-215-0940…It directs you to some facebook page…?? SCAM !!!

  3. Got a text from 567-246-9315

    Dear Best Buy Rewards Member #54187! Will you Complete this Yearly questionare to get a free IPAD as a prize sincerely, Thank you http://www.bit.ly/SnvqKR

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