7025760461 Phone Number Bothering You?

Did you receive a call from the phone number 702-576-0461 and now you want to know who it is? We know who it is and you can rest easy that this is NOT an important call! Continue reading for more info.

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T-Mobile Customer Feedback

More than likely you are a T-Mobile customer and they are calling you for your input on any recent changes or additions to your account. Apparently this duty has been handed off to a third-party company called Pinpoint Research, and they are known to call several times before giving up. It has also been reported to us that this number doesn’t leave a voice mail to identify who they are or why they are calling.

Calling 702-576-0461 back yields you a recorded message that begins, “You’ve reached Pinpoint Research on behalf of T-Mobile. As a valued customer, your opinion matters to T-Mobile…” They then state that if you would like to take their “brief survey,” that you can call 866-923-0929 and enter your phone number. They also state that their call to you is allowed under the national and state Do Not Call laws because they are not a telemarketers, but that you can be removed from their list by calling 866-923-0455 and leaving your phone number.

Pinpoint Research is located in Emeryville, California, though the 702 area code is from Southern Nevada.

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