8 Popular Anti-Aging Products Compared

8 Popular Anti-Aging Products Compared

Today we offer a comparison of 8 popular anti-aging skincare products which we have reviewed over the past year.

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Anti-Aging Skincare Products

Skincare products are a staple of late-night and weekend infomercials, often touted by celebrities or high-profile doctors. Over the past year, we have evaluated several of these products, and offer a quick overview of each in the list below.

For each product we have included its user rating on Amazon, the product’s claim/tagline, pros & cons, the popularity of the product’s website (“Alexa” rank – a lower number is better), and a link to our full review of the product.

AuraVie Skincare System

  • Amazon rating: 3.5 stars
  • Claim: “Take more than 10 years off your skin with AuraVie skincare.”
  • Pros: Above-average day/night moisturizer, pleasant smell
  • Cons: Short “trial” period, cost
  • Cost: $119-$219
  • Website Alexa rank: 1,352,425
  • Read our full AuraVie review.

Derm Exclusive

  • Amazon rating: 2.5 stars
  • Claim: “Want to look 10 years younger in just minutes?”
  • Pros: Some improvement of dark spots and under-eye circles
  • Cons: Cost, auto-ship, results not dramatic
  • Cost: $46.90 (Introductory collection)
  • Spokesman: Dr. Andrew Ordon
  • Website Alexa rank: 9067
  • Read our full Derm Exclusive review.


  • Amazon rating: 2 stars
  • Claim: “All-in-one anti-aging treatment.”
  • Pros: Good for general skin care
  • Cons: Confusing auto-ship, cost, smell
  • Cost: $39-$189
  • Website Alexa ranking: 94,844
  • Read our full LifeCell review.


  • Amazon rating: 1.5 stars
  • Claim: “Look 3.8 to 5.5 years younger within 2 months.”
  • Pros: Some discernible improvement of wrinkles
  • Cons: Cost, confusing “free trial,” results not dramatic
  • Cost: $79.95-$89.95
  • Website Alexa ranking: 623,294
  • Read our full Lumanelle review.

Meaningful Beauty (5-piece, 90 day supply)

  • Amazon rating: 2.5 stars
  • Claim: “Experience Cindy’s breakthrough secret for younger-looking skin.”
  • Pros: Good moisturizer
  • Cons: Auto-ship, smell, small size of products, poor customer service
  • Cost: $39.95-$49.95
  • Spokesperson: Cindy Crawford
  • Website Alexa ranking: 96,161
  • Read our full Meaningful Beauty review.

Perricone’s Cold Plasma Sub-D

  • Amazon rating: 2.5 stars
  • Claim: “… a revolutionary treatment formulated to address the signs of an aging jawline, chin and neck.”
  • Pros: Good moisturizer
  • Cons: Smell, auto-ship, cheaper alternatives available
  • Cost: $49.95-$135
  • Spokesperson: Dr. Nicholas Perricone
  • Website Alexa ranking: 473,215
  • Read our full Cold Plasma Sub-D review.


  • Amazon rating: 4 stars
  • Claim: “Increase skin firmness by up to 42% in 10 minutes.”
  • Pros: Hydration, moisturizer
  • Cons: Auto-ship, mixed reviews, small quantity
  • Cost: $39.95
  • Spokesperson: Joan Lunden
  • Website Alexa ranking: 1,046,422
  • Read our full Resurgence review.


  • Amazon rating: N/A
  • Claim: “Turn back time with the ‘anti-aging’ breakthrough everyone is talking about.”
  • Pros: Good source of amino acids
  • Cons: Limited studies, cheaper alternatives, HGH claims disputed
  • Cost: $105.95
  • Website Alexa ranking: 575,729
  • Read our full Serovital-hgh review.

Bonus: In 2012 we also examined Bellaplex and Hydroxatone, which at the time were often marketed together by affiliate marketers. See that review here.

Bottom Line

Although expensive anti-aging skincare products are highly touted by celebrities and high-profile doctors, most fail to live up to the unrealistic hype seen in advertising. Whenever possible, purchase locally to avoid shipping and unwanted recurring subscriptions.

What anti-aging skincare products do you use?

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