Who Called Me?

9375342167 Phone Number Bothering You?

9375342167 Phone Number Bothering You?

Is the phone number 937-534-2167 bothering you and now you want to know who it is? Luckily for you, we have the answer, and it’s not a sales call. Read on for more details.

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GE Capital

GE Capital handles the credit accounts for many institutions, such as Dillard’s, Dicks, and Care Credit. Below is an exact message they left for one of our readers:

This message is for (NAME). To prevent further calls, please call (NAME OF CREDITOR, such as “Care Credit”) promptly. The number to call is 877-475-5180 or visit our webite at www.gogecapital.com. Again, the number for you to note down is 877-475-5180 or visit www.gogecapital.com. Thank you.

Chances are you’re late on one of your payments, even if it isn’t GE Capital or GE Moneybank. There is a chance it’s also a wrong number. It is definitely not a sales call.

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Who Called Me?

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