9712201779 Phone Number Bothering You?

Did you get a call from 971-220-1779 and want to know who it is? Here at Waffles at Noon, we have the answer, and fortunately it is no more than a pest you can ignore. Read on to find out who it is.

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Credit Card Telemarketer

They’ll tell you that they can help you lower your credit card interest rates – and they don’t even know if you have credit cards. They’ll use the caller ID “PACTEL” which is probably not the name of the company. They may even claim to be associated with a real bank, which they’re not.

Trusting a banker is bad enough, but one that calls out of the blue and masks his identity? No thanks.

Don’t talk to these people. Do you really want to hand over personal, financial information to a place that doesn’t even properly identify itself?

Calling back will yield the following message:

Please enter the number you wish to include to our Do Not Call list…. The number was successfully added to our Do Not Call List. Thank you.

I didn’t enter a number and yet was still told my number was successfully added!? Liars!

And it should be noted that this phone number 9712201779 is eerily close to two other numbers recently discussed here on Waffles: 971-220-1019 and 971-220-1003, both of which are home security telemarketers. They are obviously related, most likely a sales room with a bank of similar numbers blocked off for their use.

Do yourself a favor and block/ignore this number.


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