Aero Knife Review and Product Info

Aero Knife Review and Product Info

Aero Knife is a serrated “aerodynamic” knife which is advertised to cut twice as fast without food sticking to it. Today we offer our Aero Knife review along with additional product information.

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About Aero Knife

Aero Knife is pitched by celebrity chef Ming Tsai, best known as the host of Ming’s Quest and Simply Ming television shows. The blade is 6-inches long and has “60% less surface area” than most knives, which supposedly prevents sticking to its surface.

The official website is, which was registered on June 29, 2012.

How much does Aeroknife cost?

If you order from the official website, Aero Knife costs $10 + $7.99 shipping & handling for a total of $17.99. You have the option of adding a second knife and an “Edge of Glory” knife sharpener for an additional $6.99, for a grand total of $24.98.

Oddly, although the Aero Knife bundles the “Edge of Glory” sharpener, the instructions state, “Notice: Do not attempt to sharpen the Aero Knife with a knife sharpener. Doing so could permanently damage the cutting edge.”

Aero Knife is available in stores, and we found it for sale at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $10.

This is the official Aero Knife website, captured October 2013.

This is the official Aero Knife website, captured October 2013.

Television Commercial

Below is a 2013 TV ad for Aero Knife.

Transcript of Television Commercial

Are your knives making food prep harder than it should be? Hey Ming Tsai with the Aero Knife light as air, cuts like a razor and food slides right off.  Even with a $50 chef knife, it cuts, but food sticks like a magnet. The Aero Knife has holes, 60 percent less surface area means less friction. It cuts twice as smooth and food doesn’t stick. You wanna cut the cheese? With an ordinary knife, you have to push hard, and cheese sticks to the knife. With an Aero Knife no force, strength, or pressure and the cheese falls right off. The blade is precision cut stainless steel, tough enough to hack up this 2×4, and sharp enough to half a tomato. For poultry it’s the best. You get a clean cut each and every time all the way through. These are boiled potatoes. Watch this, the ordinary knife, it crushes the potato, it sticks to the blade, it makes a mess. But with the Aero Knife’s less surface area, almost nothing sticks to the blade, perfect slices every time. It’s even tough enough to cleanly cut strip without sticking. You’ve got to try to believe it, slices so thin you can even read a newspaper through them.

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Our AeroKnife Review

Because a “celebrity chef” endorses this product, we felt the our product review should also include the opinion of a professional, so we allowed a local chef here in Las Vegas evaluate the product. Our tester is a professional chef here in Las Vegas and is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu. Below are his notes:

Note: Our chef tested the Aero Knife on tomatoes, apples, onion, and meat. 

  • Length: “At 6 inches, the Aero Knife is rather short and doesn’t substitute for a 9-inch or 12-inch knife.”
  • Durability: “The blade is flimsy.”
  • Never Sharpening Blade: “The blade is serrated, which means proper sharpening won’t likely be achieved by anything you have in your home.”
  • Cuts twice as fast: “Nonsense. A standard sharpened knife will easily out-cut the Aero Knife.”

Our chef’s final impression of the knife: “Unimpressed.” Although our chef’s impression was less than enthusiastic, we’ve found it to be acceptable at cutting certain types of food, such as cheese. We found it to be quite subpar when cutting meat and chicken.

2014 Update

The Aeroknife has now been a part of our cutlery collection for over 7 months, and our initial observations above still apply. While we find the knife almost unusable when it comes to cutting beef or poultry, we do find it acceptable for cutting harder food items such as cheese or apples. We can’t say it lived up to the hype, but it does have a limited usefulness in our kitchen.

Bottom Line

In the words of our chef who evaluated the Aero Knife: “The saying ‘too good to be true’ applies to this product. In my opinion, you can spend ten more dollars and get a better knife at Target. In all of my tests, the Aero Knife came up short in comparison to a standard chef knife.” We found that it doesn’t replace a chef knife, but can perform at an acceptable level with in certain instances.

Your Turn

Have you used the Aero Knife? Let us hear from you in the comments below.

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  • Mr anderson

    I got the knives too and they suck, barely cuts anything. As for the rusting, you can’t leave most knives wet like that they will rust. A simple wipe with a dish cloth is all it takes.

    They’re selling like hotcakes cause of the clearance price and right now Ming is at HSN again this time it’s even a better deal you get 3 Knives with the additional 8″ chefs knife. It’s not bad really if you take the time to sharpen them. They make great Xmas gifts so I’m buying several sets & his bamboo cutting board which is also only $19.

  • mark jaros

    This knife is made for a right handed person. It cuts most things fairly well but there are times when a non serrated knife is needed.

  • Dan

    Advertising shows different ways to cut items. If you watch closely, there is a special technique involved in cutting that makes the knife appear to be awesome. Any sharp knife no matter what the brand or style will cut. The key is sharpness and the technique. Watch as they cut using standard knife vs the Aero knife. The same technique is not used for both knives. For instance the cheese, if you slice through the cheese and give it a little outward flick it will pull away from the knife. Sometimes cutting techniques may be the direction of the cut, a push or a pull. Not worth the money or the hype. And stainless steel is the way to go for sanitary reasons. Doesn’t rust. Poor item waste of good money!!!


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