An Unbiased Review of Yohimbe

An Unbiased Review of Yohimbe

Yohimbe is one of the most discussed, and most controversial, of the natural libido boosters. My search for unbiased reviews yielded mostly fake reviews, biased reviews by people who had a reason to promote it, or warnings against it that also seemed to have an agenda. So I decided to simply try it myself.

I purchased a bottle of 450mg Yohimbe, 2% extract (9mg) capsules from a popular supplement store. I won’t even say where so you won’t think I’m just trying to peddle a product to you. Below are the results of my initial trials with it.

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The first night that I took one wasn’t the best of circumstances. I did notice that night that I couldn’t sleep and my mouth was very dry. I decided to wait a couple days and try a different experiment, which I will detail below.

I took one capsule at 6:30pm, about 90 minutes after eating dinner, but along with a little popcorn.

The first thing I noticed was my mouth feeling dry around 7:15pm. As the night wore on, I started doubting if this herb did anything at all because I felt nothing else besides the brief dry mouth session. By the end of the night, I did feel that the herb had kicked in and its positive effects could be easily felt.

Until this herb, the only thing that I felt worked for me was Cialis.

I’ve read a lot of warnings about Yohimbe, some of which are conflicting. Most of the warnings are about heart conditions and blood pressure. But I’ve read it’s bad for high blood pressure patients and I’ve read in other sources that it’s bad for low blood pressure patients. The woman at the supplement store even said, “You have to be careful with that because it can kill you if you take too much.”

She actually said that.

The first time I took Yohimbe, I had a very dry mouth, insomnia, and my stomach was upset. The second and third times I experienced dry mouth, slight insomnia once, but no stomach problems. Perhaps the little food in my stomach helped.

Some sources say to take it 1-3 hours before intimacy and that it the side effects and benefits last “a few hours.” Everyone seems to have a different reaction to it. Perhaps I’m one of the lucky ones because I’ve had few side effects and the benefits seem to last about 12 hours for me.

Your mileage may vary.

Yohimbe is very powerful. You should talk to your doctor before trying it.


  • Chaya

    I am reading the comments and it seems that people have 500mg capsules that are not available in my area. I did manage to get yohimbe bark which I gave ground up. My first test dosage was 50 mg in a bit of hot water. No effect 5 hours later.

    Tomorrow, I plan to go to 100mg of bark and increase by 100 mg per day until there is an effect.

    Does this seem like a reasonable protocol?

    Shall I give up at 500mg of bark? More?

    • waffles

      Starting small is probably best. If you have any health issues, you may want to ask a doctor. Yohimbe’s side effects can be pretty harsh.

  • Terry Lee

    I am going to start taking yohimbe extract in drop form as it more potent and it says to take 10-15 drops once a day. Says dosage is 25mg.. so is this ok?

  • crankbait

    Most on here have been taking the wrong dose for body composition. Yohimbe is never to be taken before bed as its a metabolic booster found in a lot of your fat burners and energy pills. I have never experienced the side effects that most one here have felt while reaping the rewards of better erections and energy boost during activity. I believe in the yin and yang aspect as I never take it alone it is usually stacked with other supplements and always taken with a light meal

    • waffles

      I’ll second both points – don’t take late at night and do take with a light meal.

  • waffles

    That’s a pretty close experience to what I’ve felt. The side effects seemed to get better with repeated use, but it definitely isn’t for everyone.

  • Han Zhi Hao

    From the reviews of many people, I believe that only certain people are suitable for this. Herbs for sexual function comes in yin and yang type. Yohimbe is very yang.
    A good sexual stimulant should contain both yin and yang herb, so that the supplement would remain balanced. For safety reasons, I would advise people to use fenugreek(only 1 teaspoon gently boiled in 800 cc of water in stainless steel pot for 45 mins)- It is used as normal herb and very effective to increase the size and erection potency.(1 dosage
    As many libido increasing herbs are yang, I would suggest that you combine with food/herbs that is yin for balance. Eggplant and moringa is excellent.

  • S. Bright

    You guys have really been taking the wrong stuff in the wrong way. The key component you want is Yohimbine HCL, as opposed to Yohimbe which contains many other parts that are likely causing many of the side effects. I primarily use it for fat burning, but noticed a huge libdo increase at the same time. Also the doses in the pure HCL form are 2.5mg per pill, and is suggested to slowly ramp up from there. The typical max daily suggested intake based on body weight is 0.2mg/kg or 0.09mg/lb. Also its most/only effective on an empty or carb deprived stomach. GNC for what ever reason doesn’t carry it, but Vitamin Shoppe does. There are some online retailers that have it as well.

  • Wet Day

    I don’t normally respond to blog entries such as this, but, before buying a bottle of Yohimbe, I read your review, thought it helpful, and thought I would give it a try.

    I took one tablet last night and proceeded to have an absolutely dreadful evening. I would like to share my experience so that people are forewarned. About 20 minutes after taking the tablet, I began to experience intense facial flushing. This was followed by what can only be described as a fever. I was hot all over and was suffering from chills. If this weren’t bad enough, I began to experience debilitating waves of nausea. To make a long story short, I spent most of the rest of the night on the bathroom floor, vomiting and absolutely dripping with sweat.

    Needless to write, I will never take this again. I just flushed an entire bottle of tablets (minus one, of course) down the garbage disposal. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

  • john

    Any updates since your original article on this product?

    • Tim

      Hi. I appreciate the comments above. A week and a half ago I took a 50mg Viagra and a half tab of Yohimbine HCL my Doctor let me try one hour apart. 1 hour after I took it I found that it took very little stimulation to get an erection and within forty minutes after ejaculation I was fully erect again. This is what I looking for, a faster recovery time. 4 days ago I did the same and added Yohimbine herbal capsule with 2% alkoloid at 9mg from GNC. Unbelievable experience. My recovery time was 20 minutes and i was a in a semi to hard state with no stimulation taking breaks between intercourse, like i was 20. I’m 49. I’m trying to refine my cocktail to get off of V completely. Will continue experimenting. I’d like to hear other people’s experiences…

  • Ed K

    I took two pills tonight of Yohimbe 1000 mg at the suggestion of one of my friends who is a chiropractor – he had good experiences with it. I on the other hand had terrible experience. I took two pills around 6:30 last evening. I then meditated and at the end of a nice half hour meditation – i noticed an upset stomach and then slight problems breathing – after wards I drove into town to meet my chiropractor friend for dinner(about 3 miles) and was trembling and shivering as I drove – I could hardly keep my hand steady. At dinner I was trembling even more and could not hold a soup spoon steady to taste the soup I could hardly do anything I was trembling so much – I told my friend i had to go for a walk and started seriously thinking of checking into the emergency room. We walked for about a half hour and then I felt a little better – but was starting to have problems swallowing my saliva – my mouth was drive but it was more than that – I was amazingly claim for all the effects – it is now 4 hours later and I am much better but still trembling a little – wow this stuff did not agree with me. Having trouble swallowing got really bad and a little scary as I could only swallow with sips of water but struggled without it – almost like I was losing motor control of this mechanism. I want this stuff to wear off as soon as possible … I read of some the negative effects and maybe the effected me more – I am being very honest and not exagerating – this was a very scary experience for me.

    • waffles

      That’s terrible! I’m sorry to hear about this experience. Yohimbe was an eye-opener for me as well. I had never realized a natural herb could be so powerful. 2000mg is a pretty high dose, too. There are other alternatives to Yohimbe, as we wrote about here.

      Good luck and thanks for sharing your experience!

    • Kevin

      It sounds to me like you took way to much. I took one tablet of the 451 and the systems I had were similar to what you had only much less intense. My problem was that I took it without food.

    • Dr.H.Davis

      I am a long standing nutrition researcher. I am very familiar with yohimbe and that was way, way too high of a dose!!!
      Start really low then more up very slowly as to milligram amounts. It is an amazing bark extract for ED/libido, etc., and can be used by females too!
      One company has a 5 mg. cap to start then double up, etc.,until you reach nirvana.
      Drink extra water and never take on an empty stomach. It will also raise your neurotransmitters like dopamine/serotonin giving one a good mood. It will work!


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