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Revisiting the 2013 Australian Dust Storm

Revisiting the 2013 Australian Dust Storm

Several images which have circulated for years show what appears to be a massive red wave over the ocean. Today we’ll take a closer look at these images.

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The images are real.

This event occurred off the coast of Onslow, Australia on January 9, 2013. As The Newcastle Herald reported:

West Australians were treated to a stunning dust storm off the coast of Onslow on Wednesday. The Bureau of Meteorology said the incredible sight of a ‘‘red wave’’ at sea was created as wind and rain caused the storm to dump the sand and dust it had taken from the land.

This dust storm arrived just ahead of a tropical cyclone Narelle, which was building offshore around that time. Meteorologists said the two events were unrelated. A tug boat worker in the area said the storm formed in a “matter of minutes.” Gusts from the storm surpassed 60 miles per hour.

Images of the storm

Below are several pictures of this “red wave” captured in early 2013.

storm3 storm2 storm4 storm1

Video of the storm

The video below shows a ground-level vantage point of the storm from Mesa A Mine Camp in Pannawonica.

Bottom Line

The “red wave” photos above are real. They show a large dust storm in Australia which occurred in January 2013.


Updated July 4, 2015
Originally published July 2013


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