• Entertainment
    First time words appear online

    From late 2004 to early March 2005, I was curious the first time certain words or phrases appeared online. I turned to the old Usenet archives and did my searches there, sorting my results chronologically and finding the earliest reference to each item. There is no logic to the terms I chose,...

  • Humor
    The Coke C2 and Coke Zero Conspiracy Revealed

    C2 Coke … A ghost town in the soda world. It was highly promoted, and adored by its supporters. Why did this products disappear so soon after launch? The “official” explanation is that the market didn’t justify it and sales were flat. But are those the real reasons? Further investigation reveals much...

  • History
    Presidents age differently

    When Jimmy Carter left office in January 1981, many observers remarked how much he had aged in...

  • Consumers
    Jäger Recipes

    Just for the record, I like big shots. Most recipes are designed for small shots. When I’m preparing shots, I mix 1 to 1.5 oz of EACH part… so an Oatmeal Cookie could be as much as 6 oz of alcohol. And I don’t slam them – I drink them. That’s just...

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