Awaiting a Mobile Credit Card Reader for Windows Phone 8

Awaiting a Mobile Credit Card Reader for Windows Phone 8

Credit card readers for mobile phones are a relatively new and convenient way to process credit card transactions. With the introduction of the Windows 8 phone, and Microsoft’s promise that most popular apps will be available, the question now arises of when a card reader will arrive to Windows Phone.

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12/8/2012 Update: We have added PayAnywhere to the article below.

Currently there are four major players in the mobile credit card reader market: PayPal, Square, PayAnywhere, and Intuit. We have attempted to contact all four of them to inquire about a card reader for Windows Phone. Below are their responses.

Which of these devices will be the first to offer a Windows Phone mobile card reader?

PayPal’s card reader is called “PayPal Here” and is currently available for Android and iPhone. While PayPal does have a Windows Phone mobile app, a card reader is still not available. Their response on November 15, 2012 to my inquiry stated:

Currently PayPal Here is compatible with iPhones and many Androids phones.  With each update more and more phones are made compatible.  No current Windows Phones are on the compatible list at this time. is our official site for PayPal Here.

More info: PayPal Here official website

This mobile card reader has seen national television advertising lately in its push to become the leader of the pack. Despite news reports a few months ago hinting that Square might be available for Windows Phone, it still hasn’t seen the light of day. I asked them if and when they would offer a card reader for Windows Phone, they replied on November 16, 2012 with the following message:

We currently only support Apple iOS and Android platforms. Should this change in the future, we’ll be sure to announce it. 

More info: Square official website.

GoPayment  is the app and mobile card reader offering from Intuit. There actually was a mobile app available for Windows Phone by Intuit, but it is no longer found in the app store. Windows Phone is also not listed as a compatible device on their website. Intuit invites suggestions for devices to consider:

We’re busy working on supporting additional devices and will update the compatible device listing accordingly.

If you would like us to consider your device for compatibility testing, please send the following information to [email protected]:

Device Make
Device Model Name and Number
Service Provider

More info: GoPayment official website

This is a new player in the mobile card reader market, and they have been advertising in television. It is currently available for Andriod, iOS, and Blackberry. I receive an email from them on 12/8/2012, which stated:

Thank you for your inquiry.  Currently the PayAnywhere app is only available for Apple, Android and Blackberry devices.  We are looking to add Windows phones, however there is not a scheduled date.  Please continue to check the site for more information when this is available. 

More info: PayAnywhere official website

Bottom Line
Windows Phone users will have to wait a little longer for a card reader to come to their mobile device.  There are apps currently in the marketplace which allow you to accept credit cards by manually entering in the numbers, which isn’t the most palatable solution – but a solution nonetheless.

With all four of these mobile card readers jockeying for position as the de facto product, Windows Phone users are waiting for one of them to enter their uncontested market as a way to gain some new customers. Or perhaps a more likely scenario is that Microsoft will lobby one of them to throw us a bone.

I suggest contacting all of them to let them know that an untapped and growing Windows Phone market is waiting. If they don’t hear from Windows Phone users, they will have no reason to offer a product for the platform.

Give us your thoughts! If you have any additional information, please comment below.

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  • Stanislav

    As of January 2015 I have not found a mobile card reader for Windows Phones. Cube went out of business, by the way.

  • vanessa yelverton

    Hi just requesting some one to come up with a window8 Nokia Lumia 928. I signed the petition n I’m getting ready to start my business n I hope someone comes out with a card reader soon. Thanks for listening n cooperating.

  • Craig

    Just found out that Inner Fence now has a Windows 8 phone compatible credit card reader. YAY! Also, Delta Airlines just began to use the Windows Phone on their flights. The have the reader attached. I am trying to find out who makes their reader.

  • matt miller

    Look up a company called Innerfence. Apparently works for Windows 8 as well as Windows Phone 8. I also need a credit card reader and its the only one I found so far.

  • Alan

    This is a typical chicken and the egg scenario. Vendors won’t write an app because the W* phone isn’t popular enough. People won’t but the W8 phone because they can’t get the vendor apps they need. Well I’ve chosen to fight back. I won’t have any vendor making my decisions for me. I’ve had every type of phone and my favorite by far is the W8 phone. If they don’t want my business then so be it. I’m not giving up my favorite phone for any vendor. I’ll just take my business elsewhere. Screw them.

  • Kathy

    All the card reader companies say don’t miss a sale, well I’m missing a bunch because they will not come out with a windows reader. Thanks alot. I signed the petition already.

  • Kathy

    I bought a windows 8 phone, at the time of purchase I asked if I could use my Square card reader with my new phone. I was told I should be able to. I downloaded Square into my phone but it would not bring up the reader page. I tried over and over but nothing. I decided to check on line about windows 8 and card readers, discovered then why it would not work. I love my phone but may have to give for a G3 which I was going to get until the seller taked me into windows 8.

  • Kimberly Vital

    I wish I read this before purchasing my Nokia Lumia. I am an artist and purchased this phone because it has a great camera and the sales person assured me that I could that it is compatible with the same card readers as the android and iphone.

    • waffles

      There are solutions in which you can manually type the credit card number, but that’s not good enough for most people.

  • Celeste

    I love my Windows Phone, however, am disappointed that there is not an available card reader/credit card application for it. I am considering switching to an Android or iPhone specifically for this reason, although I don’t want to. There is so much hype about the Windows phone these days, but without this type of much needed app Windows will not maintain their market share unless they provide the consumer with what they need. I’ve read SO MANY posts on numerous websites/forums requesting a card reader for WP. Why hasn’t this happened yet?

    • waffles

      It’s a bit of a surprise (from this end at least) that 6 months after WP8 was released that no one has jumped on board yet. Not to mention that WP is selling pretty well in certain countries.

  • Nancy

    I was going to get the Nokia phone from Verizon to use in my business, not knowing that there was not a card reader available. Wondering if there are any updates on this?? Thanks for the info listed here.

  • LJ

    Thanks for the info. I am new to the Windows 8 phone and I love it. I have been searching for a reader since I am a small business owner and would like to offer it as a service to my clients. I am really surprised that no one has jumped on this untapped market yet. I’ll keep checking and will also sign the petition.

  • Craig

    Here’s an email to and from a payanywhere developer:
    On Jan 4, 2013, at 9:37 PM, Craig Colley wrote:

    > Mani,
    > Any updates on when the app will hit the store? I don’t think there
    > are any other card reader apps available. It would be nice if pay
    > anywhere was the first.
    > Thanks,
    > Craig Colley
    > Sent from my Windows Phone

    Hi Craig,
    This is still in process and we are hoping to have it ready by early 2nd quarter of this year – thank you.

    • waffles

      Oh that is good to hear. That has changed since we last contacted them. Thanks for the info!

  • Cheng

    Intuit is available since early or mid 2011 on WP7. They just decided to pull from the whole platform this Dec. beginning Feb 2013, they’ll stop support for all transactions made on their windows phone app. They never supported windows phone 8.

    • waffles

      Thanks for the info. We’d like to know why Intuit pulled out, when Windows Phone sales are picking up since WP8 was released.

  • dragonboats

    Intuit’s GoPayment is available via the browser, but you have to manually enter in the numbers. Definately not the best solution, but for infrequent transactions (e.g. less than a dozen credit card transactions per hour), this is good enough for me to move to Windows Phone.

  • waffles

    Thank you for pointing them out. We’ve just contacted them asking for some details.

  • David

    This was the deal killer for me. I was ready to purchase 3 HTC 8x’s through t-mobile, but Square is an essential app for my business. Window’s Phone 8 is a brilliant OS, but business is business.

  • Eric B.

    I’m stuck using my old Droid X on Square, if Intuit released a card reader w/ app on Windows 8 Phones I’ll be switching to them. I’m up for a new phone and the Nokia 822 Windows 8 Phone is what I’m looking for.

    These credit card processing companies are failing to look at Microsoft’s history. XBOX was doomed everyone said, but Microsoft now has a goldmine and the companies that adopted publishing for XBOX first made the most profit.

    Now Microsoft has a phone that unites the XBOX, Windows 8 OS and Windows 8 RT tablet together and they’re waiting to see if it gets a market share???

    My 2 cents

  • Ron Fleekop

    Need credit card reader asap. Had to have my wife buy a Galaxy S3 to get the Square to take credit cards.

    This will be a huge move for any credit card reader company to be the first in an ever growing market of Windows Phones.

    I also think Microsoft should be pressing hard to work with one of the companies, because this is becoming a huge service that business people want and need.

    • waffles

      Well stated. The Nokia 920 is selling well from all accounts, and the card reader market is growing quickly. It is hard to imagine that someone wouldn’t take a shot at the WP market to gain a few market share points.

    • Pam Scannell

      Here I am August 2013 and still no competitive card reader, just one that charges $25 per month!!


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