Balloon Bonanza Reviews: Do Kids Love It?

Balloon Bonanza Reviews: Do Kids Love It?

Balloon Bonanza is a product for kids which can fill and tie 40 water balloons in seconds. Read our Balloon Bonanza reviews from editors and readers.

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Balloon Bonanza

In what appears to be the holy grail of water balloon products, Balloon Bonanza is advertised as a way to fill and tie 40 water balloons simultaneously in seconds.

It consists of an attachment which connects to a hose. This splits into 40 tubes, which are each connected to a balloon. When the balloons are filled to the proper or desired size, they drop off into a receptacle and are ready to throw.

How much does Balloon Bonanza cost?

Balloon Bonanza is currently only available from the official website at a cost of $14.99 plus $5.99 shipping. This gets you three Balloon Bonanza sets in three colors: blue, red, and yellow. Each unit creates 40 balloons, for a total of 120 balloons per order. There is currently an offer which will give you free shipping if you order 6 sets for a total cost of $29.98.


The product website is, as seen in this May 2015 screen shot below.

balloon bonanza website 2015

Balloon Bonanza Reviews

As noted in my original review of the product, Balloon Bonanza appears to be either a licensed version – or a knockoff – of a product by Tinnus Enterprises called Bunch O Balloons. That product features a virtually identical design, although it creates 37 balloons instead of 40 as seen with this product. There is no mention by either product of the other, so it is unclear if they are related at all.

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I had a chance to observe the product in person, and I can tell you that it absolutely does work as advertised. 120 water balloons is certainly a large cache of “weapons” for any water balloon fight. There are, however, two caveats which should be considered.

First, it is not reusable. This appears to be a concern for some consumers, who have asked if there are refills of some sort. Although it’s unclear why it can’t be reused, it seems that the problem lies in the way the balloons are attached and automatically sealed.

Second, there could be a learning curve involved – which is not ideal for a one-time use product. I noticed the person filling balloons “snapped” the wrist to get the balloons to fall off of the tubes. Doing this too early can create underfilled balloons which don’t pop easily. I read a few reviews which addressed this concern.

I don’t think there is any question whether or not Balloon Bonanza works. The question is whether or not its one-time use feature renders it too expensive. That is obviously a question every consumer must answer for themselves. If you’re dropping hundreds on a kids’ birthday party, then another $20-$30 for an epic water balloon fight hardly seems expensive. If, however, you’re just looking for your bored kids to kill an hour during the summer, it may not be the best fit.

Bottom Line

Balloon Bonanza can fill and tie 40 water balloons simultaneously in seconds. Although it certainly works as advertised, the fact that it is a one-time use product may be a problem for some consumers. Three sets of Balloon Bonanzas should provide enough balloons for a significant water balloon fight, which would go over well at parties or other events.

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