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Photo of Barefoot Shoes: Real or Fake?

Photo of Barefoot Shoes: Real or Fake?

A photo shows what appears to be a pair shoes that closely resemble human feet. Is this image real or fake?

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It’s fake

The image is merely a digital creation.

Let’s take a closer look at the photo which first came to our attention in August 2013.

The Image

This graphic was created for a graphic arts contest on the website freakingnews.com. The photo, entitled “Foot Shoes,” was entered into an Advanced Photoshop contest which asked artists to “create unusual shoes or boots.” The contest ran from May 19, 2006 through May 21, 2006. Other entries in this contest included a shoe phone, high-heel cowboy boots, and shoes made of brick.

barefoot shoes

Freaking News described the photos on its site in the following manner:

Actual news stories fuel our Photoshop contests with scores of wacky doctored pictures

The new "toe shoes" are probably the closest you'll find to the fake photo above.

These are AdiPure Trainer “toe shoes” by Adidas.

We wanted to see what available shoe would be the closest match to the fake barefoot shoes above. The best choice would be “toe shoes” such as “Skele-Toes” by Fila or “AdiPure Trainer” by Adidas. These “barefoot walking toe shoes” have toe pockets and resemble a human foot more than traditional shoes, but don’t quite resemble those in the Photoshopped image above.

Bottom Line

Shoes that resemble human feet as depicted in the photo above do not exist. That image was merely created for an online Photoshop contest. The closest you’ll find in stores are the “toe shoes” such as those by Adidas or Fila.

Source: Shoes – Advanced Photoshop Contest (Freaking News: 2006)

Updated July 23, 2015
Originally published August 2013

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