Better Strainer Review and Product Info

Better Strainer Review and Product Info

Better Strainer is a product advertised as an improvement over traditional colanders or strainers. Read our Better Strainer reviews from editors and readers.

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About Better Strainer

Better Strainer is an As Seen on TV product fronted by ubiquitous pitchman Marc Gill.

Contact Info

  • Phone: 866-733-4270
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Returns: Better Strainer, 400 Returns Rd. , Wallingford, CT 06494

How much does Better Strainer cost?

  • Ordering online costs $10.00 plus $7.95 shipping for a total of $17.95. They will also include a bonus Spill Stopper for an additional $7.95, for a grand total of $25.90.
  • We found Better Strainer at a local As Seen on TV store for $12.99.

Features & Claims

  • Fits “virtually any size pot or pan”
  • Safe and steady pour every time
  • Stores in less space than an oven mitt
  • Non-stick
  • Made in China

Screen Shot

Below is a screen shot of the official Better Strainer website, taken in October 2013:

Television Commercial

Below is a recent television commercial for Better Strainer:

Transcript of Television Commercial

Is your cooked pasta a pain when it’s time to strain? Tired of bulky colanders taking up precious cabinet space? Me too! Hi, Marc Gil here with the Better Strainer, the compact strainer that does a big job! Now you can strain all kinds of pasta, vegetables, even ground beef fast and easy to virtually any sized pot or pan. Even big stock pots, then store it away in just a few inches of space. Better Strainer conveniently flexes to fit all different sizes of pots, pans, bowls and much, much more! It’s unique design locks tight in a snap ensuring a safe and steady pour every time. It holds so strong, even five pounds of potatoes is no match for Better Strainer! Amazing! And it comes right off with the touch of your finger and stores in less space than an oven mitt, perfect for any cabinet or drawer. Better Strainer’s non-stick so delicate food won’t tear or break apart. And watch this, simply drain your pasta, add ingredients directly to the pot, and make delicious mac ‘n cheese with ease without the extra clean up! Use Better Strainer for draining grease from cooked meat, water from mixed vegetables, or excess juice from fruit salad. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe. Better Strainer is the one compact strainer that fits virtually all your pots and pans, then easily stores away. That’s a true space saver! Call now and get your Better Strainer for just ten dollars, plus shipping and processing. But I’m not stopping there, as a bonus, I’ll include my amazing, universal Spill Stopper to prevent messy boil-overs ruining your stove top! A $29 value, it’s the perfect partner to Better Strainer, just pay separate processing. Yep, you get the amazing Better Strainer and Spill Stopper a whopping $50 value all yours for just one low price. Don’t delay call today!

Our Better Strainer Review

In our tests of the Better Strainer, we made the following observations:

  • Contrary to the advertising claims, it does not work on all pots and pans. Better Strainer needs something to hook onto, and pots or pans with a smooth side will not provide any grip (see image below).
  • We found the bands to be a potential obstacle while pouring. Bumping the bands while pouring can unhook and loosen the grip of the Better Strainer. This may allow the food to fall out of the pot or bowl.
  • The only method we found to provide a surefire way to keep the contents in the bowl was to physically hold the Better Strainer in place while pouring (See Pour Test 3 in the video below).
  • The ease at which Better Strainer attaches to pots or pans appears varies based on how well it grips the lip.
  • Size: One side of the packaging states “Better Strainer can be used on any pots, pans, bowls, etc.” while the other side states that it “fits on pots, pans & bowls 9.45 – 11.8 inches.”

Better Strainer review from

Better Strainer relies on this hooked design for grip. If your pot or bowl has no lip, the strainer will have nothing to hold.

Video of our Better Strainer tests

Below is a video of our tests of the Better Strainer. A few key points to note in the video:

  • Grip Test: We demonstrated that Better Strainer did not grip the first pot we tried which had no lip around the edge.
  • Pour Test 1: We first tried pouring a bowl of hot noodles while using oven mitts. Attaching the strainer to the top was slightly clunky, and the grip kept falling into the noodles. While pouring, the strainer lost its grip and noodles began falling out.
  • Pour Test 2: We then tried holding the bowl bare-handed (without oven mitts) for a better grip. Again, the strainer was unable to maintain its grip on the bowl and noodles fell out once again, even though there was no contact with the strainer.
  • Pour Test 3: We decided to physically hold the strainer against the bowl, which finally worked. This, however, is not be a practical (or safe) way to pour hot liquids.

Bottom Line

Better Strainer does not work on pots, pans, and bowls without a lip. The size of the lip may also affect how well it maintains its grip. We also found that it does not attach as quickly and easily as the commercial shows.

A colander is still easier.

Your Better Strainer Reviews

Have you used Better Strainer? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

Updated February 20, 2014

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