C9-T11: Miracle Supplement or Marketing Ploy?

C9-T11: Miracle Supplement or Marketing Ploy?

Have you seen ads for a “breakthrough” supplement called C9-T11? Is there any truth to the hype of this product?

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The Ad & Website
We spotted an ad for C9-T11 the other day which promoted “Shocking Muscle Growth” and claimed “Rare plant increases muscle growth 700% – Should it be banned?” and linked to This website was merely a one-page sales pitch which takes you to, where more claims of astonishing muscle gains, testimonials, and of course risk of the product being sold out. The entire website has all of the hallmarks of the standard one-page rambling sales pitch.

The ingredients of C9-T11 aren’t as rare as they’d like you to believe.

C9-T11 = CLA
The primary ingredient in C9-T11 is Conjugated Linoleic Acid, known as CLA. This is a relatively common supplement  that has been sold under various names for many years. Most vendors offer this supplement for a much lower cost than the C9-T11 brand.

It should also be noted that the ad claimed that C9-T11 is related to a “rare plant” when in fact CLA is derived primarily from dairy products, not plants.

So we have already determined that C9-T11 is not some rare, new plant extract, but a common supplement known as CLA, being packaged under a fancy brand name. Now let’s take a look at the price of C9-T11 compared to other CLA products.

Cost Comparison
Their website, as of this writing, offers a “sale” of 4 bottles (buy 3, get one free) of sixty 1000mg capsules for $111, with a retail price of $319.80. That equates to a price of $27.75 per bottle at this “sale” price, or $79.95 retail price each.

At GNC, we found 90 1000mg softgels for $19.99 per bottle, retailing for $25.99 – and no requirement to buy 4. At Amazon, we found many bottles of CLA, ranging from 800-1200mg doses, all for under $20 – again, with no requirement to buy 4 bottles.

The Good and The Bad of CLA
There have been studies that do in fact show some promise of CLA in battling overall fat mass, as well as possibly containing anticancer properties. There are also possible adverse effects, particularly with an increased risk of developing diabetes, particularly for overweight people. It has also been claimed that taking CLA without lifting weights can lead to weight gain.

See our full article on the side effects of CLA here.

Bottom Line
C9-T11 appears to be no more than a fancy repackaging of a common, inexpensive supplement known as CLA.

We want to hear from you. What are your experiences with CLA or C9-T11?


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  • tnut

    Where would a guy get gear? I’m in the states.

  • waffles

    Great advice Christian. Thanks for your comment.

  • claude

    I started taking 1 a day with a meal, and it’s been only 4 days, but I now have a diabolical cough that started 2 nights ago. Iam really hoping that the c9 t 11 didn’t contribute to my cough. Anyone else had or experienced anything like coughing ?

  • Jay


    I am 41 years old, 6’2 and 270lbs. I am trying to lose about 30lbs
    and put on 2 or 3 more inches on my arms. I am pretty healthy
    and my dad passed away 22 yrs ago from a heart attack. I read your
    response and I noticed that you said that CLA can effect the heart.
    I was going to try this product for a month but after reading want you said I am skeptical. How will this product effect the heart?



  • queball

    How about stacking this CLA with a test booster or maybe a deer antler spray? Better results or a waste of time and money?

  • Socion

    C9-T11 to CLA is like Gala apples to all apples. C9-T11 is a particular isomer of conjugated linoleic acid (cis arrangement in position 9 and trans arrangement in position 11 along the molecular structure). There are other isomers of CLA, like C10-T12 (one of the best known). Making CLA supplement with only one isomer (like C9T11) is much more expensive than just having natural mixture of CLA isomers isolated and purified from food – thats why C9T11 supplement is much more expensive than typical CLA over-the-counter stuff. Different companies might use different isolation and purification processes so some CLA supplements might work better than others, since the former might have more C9T11 isomer. Just do more research before buying…

  • Mike

    I have taken the supplement for over six months now. I have noticed quick muscle gain/growth and fat loss. I work out extremely hard and I do it everyday. C9-T11 is like any other supplement, you have to work out very hard and keep a constant schedule when doing so. You will not just gain muscle by just taking it. The only advantage of this brand of CLA is that it is a very easy pill to take and it does not upset my stomach when taking it with an empty stomach. Results are noticeable within the second week of when you take it if you train hard.

    • joe

      i have the product, but was wondering if im suppose to take anything with it? thanks

      • Dave

        They say creatine is to be stacked with it.

  • John

    Wow! What does one say about another waste of time and money.

  • Raymond

    Do not purchase over one bottle until you notice any growth.You would think with taking a bottle and eating well and working out and protein that you would at least see 1pd of muscle;NOT…Its your money do what you want somebodys out there getting rich.

  • Ray J

    I took CLA for about 8 months. The only thing I noticed was rapid weight loss. It did not get me ripped or yoked. I exercise every day.

  • waffles

    Thanks for the follow-up. Let us know if you do find something that works for you.

  • John

    I get 180 1000mg soft gels of Tonelin CLA at Swanson Vitamins for $15.99. Seems to have released some stored fat but don’t notice any crazy muscle growth.

  • Devin

    Hell no C9-t11 sucks. Rip off! I gained more weight and mass when I stopped using it and used nothing at all. It is pure crap do not buy it.

  • waffles

    CLA is “impermissible” which means it isn’t banned, but it is against the rules for coaches or trainers to provide to athletes.


  • Jules Vern

    So did it work for you?

  • waffles

    Don’t give a money back guarantee too much weight. Many dishonest businesses use them to “prove” they back up their product. They rely on the fact that most people won’t ask for their money back because it’s too much of a hassle. Plus, they often include many restrictions on this guarantee as well. And yet other businesses have such horrendous customer service that you may not get a refund even if you ask for it.

    That’s not to say that there are honorable businesses that also offer a money back guarantee. You just shouldn’t use that as a determination of legitimacy.

  • Kevin

    Hey, my friend bought 2 bottles when I was telling him to hold off while I research the product. However, reading comments of it and the history on it, it seems to be a 50/50 chance on if it will work or not. I had him take a before picture, and I will make sure he takes a after picture. I would be willing to try it with him, since we go to the gym every day, however, I am in the Navy and I’m not sure if it’ll show up on a drug test or not. I only found 1 page where it said it won’t show up. Can anyone else clarify that both CLA and C9-T11 won’t pop positive on a drug test?

    • waffles

      Good question Kevin. I haven’t heard of this happening, but hopefully some commenters may be able to shed more light on that issue.

    • EtchSanity

      Hey Guys I was a Navy submarine sonar tech for several years. I am an ectomorphic hardgainer as well, CLA will not pop on any drug test for anything don’t sweat it bud. That said I manage a supplement store … CLA is a very good product c9-t11 is a very basic scam.

      • Kevin

        Hey EtchSanity, thank you for the feedback, I really do appreciate it shipmate. I will be buying CLA instead of C9-T11. While my buddy is using C9-T11, I will be taking CLA and we will see the difference in both, if there is any.
        Thanks again. And thank you Waffle for this website, it makes people think twice before getting it, and the feedback from others makes the website even better.


        • waffles

          Thanks for the comment, Kevin. We’d be interested to hear how you and your friend compare after using these products for a while.

  • Mike

    How well did it work?

  • Daniel

    Bought the product, before reading any of these posts. Decided to try it any ways. I plan to continue the same work out regimen and diet, so if there is any outstanding results, they should be quite noticable. I just took my first pill today, ill post my results in a month or sooner.

    • Daniel

      Hi Mauricio,
      I also have difficulty gaining weight. I eat consistently and drink at least two protein shakes throughout the day. My work out consists of isolation 4-5 times a week. I work out .75-1 hour per day. I isolate chest, back, arms, legs and if I get there a fifth time, I do shoulders.(if not I try to work them in on another day) I also try to do cardio for about 30 mins about 3 times per week. I started the pill this monday, and have not noticed anything out of the ordinary. I will come back in a few weeks with a update.

  • waffles

    Thanks for the comment. Please update us on your progress!

  • david

    Well even if it’s a scam they garauntee not to charge your card again, it’s just the one time thing, so I feel like they are not scamming me I just tried my first pill. If it works great I might get more but somewhere else but at least they dont charge 80 bucks or more for similar product. Would be cool if someone legit would give out a list of products that will add muscle mass, and give us a chacne to look something close to some of these huge muscled models. I just dont want belly fat. Problem is I’m Irish and love a good drink every couple of days.

  • Kevin

    I am going to try this product out for myself because I think it will work :] I will post my results on this website after About a month of this stuff.

    • waffles

      That will be great – we look forward to hearing from you!

  • Christopher Lahmann

    I ordered this product and I am doing a test with it keeping my same workouts I life 4 days a week and run 4 days a week I will inform everyone the results of my attempt to gain mass. what is amazing to me is that they are trying to ban the product, if it doesn’t work then why try to make it illegal. I am currently 183lbs and 5’11” max bench at 250 max curl at 130.

  • MikeM

    What are some products worth gettin?

  • MikeM

    I also saw the add on Pirate Bay, should I buy or not?

  • Kelly

    Wow, I read every thread and I can say waffles, Doctor, and Chemist1 have great info. Reason I dropped in is because my husband wanted a bottle of this stuff an it was way out of my budget for normal use. I don’t really believe in tablets of any kind so I’m at a lost on what would actually be a better supplement.(if any) Honestly I would rather keep him on the usual workout plan but he insist on help.

  • Thomas

    I have never been able to gain muscle. It has always proven to be very very difficult. So, i saw this ad on CNN, which i read daily, and after reading its promises with a money back guarantee, i decided for the first time to try a supplement. I had my assistant measure my bicepts and in the first week i gained an inch. This was with light weight lifting. In week two i am deciding to increase my workout and see what the results are. I will keep you posted. So far…i am happy!

  • Josh

    Hey there Mike, I was wanting to know how you have got on with the C9-T11 product, as I’m looking at buying some but there is a lot of negative feed back..??

  • mikeyw

    If someone put up an add saying “our product is complete crap but please buy it anyway” how much would they sell. One would be foolish to take thed ad’s “word”. Always do your homework on things like tthis

  • Trevis

    I saw this same ad and it caught my eye because I am also looking for that next great thing to take to help me move up to the next level. I went to my local Walmart store and bought a bottle of CLA, 50 caps with 2000MG per serving for $12.95. Usually if something seems to good to be true it probably is.

  • John William

    I don’t know why people say it is a scam. If you take 2 people and give them both the same thing to take, chances are they’ll both react differently to it. Also, i’ve noticed since i ordered C9-T11 2 and a half weeks ago, i’ve packed on 7.4 pounds of muscle by just running and lighting lightly. Honestly, i didn’t change my diet or anything. So this product to me wasn’t an exact lie, although i wish it was cheaper. So, like an older saying; don’t knock it, till you try it. That’s what i did, and i’m pretty satisfied with the results. I’ll post again in another two weeks.

  • Bond

    It’s simply a combination of CLA and Testosterone you can get both for cheaper than buying a bottle of this stuff

    • kevin

      Wrong. But thanks for playing.

  • Chemist1

    To be factual here, the two are not the same. Just because they both are held together by a conjugated bond with similar atoms, they are not the same structure (C9-T11 vs T10-C12)…therefore they act in very different ways. For example: You can put oil and water together at room temperature without any adverse reaction…but heat up that oil and put water on it and that becomes a very different reaction. Same molecules…different variable.

  • Wexbankxonxclownz

    Well i just seen the ads to this product and at first, i was like DAMNNNN this might work i need this bt then i got to this part & said “yea some of these ppl kno wat they’re talkin bout, this some bs”!! So this is all the way BS!!

  • moto man

    Nice!!!Boy i bet these snake oil salesmen hate the double eded sord called the internet ,Just think how rich they would be if nobody read this stuff and just read there adds… I will keep my money and do it hte old fashioned way hard work and sweat….Buy some lean steak and eat lots of samon….

  • Justin Perry

    Like the old saying goes, “if it sounds too good to be true, it (usually) is.”

  • Abbi!!

    Thanks Waffles for saving my money :-).. Some of these Junk products just create a HYPE but have no real results..

  • Alex

    Have you researched the studies between a conjugated lenoleic acid and Safflower oil? It is the safflower oil which is more important thus the C9-T11 they promote. Most times it comes down to a knowing of purity with a content. I am not sure of theirs; however, safflower oil comes from a plant! I have not read earlier posts, for I have no time for that. I am researching the product though. cLA and Safflower oil do different things. Cross reference with NIH! Those studies were done on women????

    • waffles

      Have not delved that deeply into the studies, however a comparison of C9-T11 with other competing CLA products revealed that many/most competitors also contained some safflower ingredients as well.

  • The Doctor

    Before taking any “muscle builder” you should at least go to your dr for a cbc,physical, and bmi evaluation 1st! My concern with otc supplements is that they don’t have to be approved by the FDA because it is an “herbal supplement” and as the heart is a involutary muscle, it is still a muscle and our heart’s are not designed to accept a growth such as that. Also, any kid can buy this junk w/o even being asked to show i.d. at and place that sells it.

    • waffles

      Thanks for your comment, and the excellent points you make. I’ve seen people, especially younger men, who tend focus more on supplements than a healthy lifestyle.

  • Chris

    No offense, but if you can’t tell that this product is a scam as it is marketed in about every way possible to tell you it is then perhaps you shouldn’t be buying products on the internet. For one, they make such ridiculous claims as 3lbs of muscle in 72 hours which actually made me laugh out loud and have a whole bunch of sponsors listed on their website that I can almost absolutely guarantee they have nothing to do with the marketing/release of this product. Why? Because if they did information of it would be found listed throughout their websites and magazines. The last obvious red flag is there exists no listed address(not even a fake one) nor a contact us button on the order page. The money back guarantee implementation is usually used to sucker people in and then they keep charging your monthly credit card even though you told me you wished to discontinue the product.

    STAY far, far, away on this one. What’s amazing is these peoples advertisements are found all throughout the major websites even though they are commiting blatant fraud as punishable by time in prison if convicted. Where’s the authorities, CIA, anybody to stop the so obvious display of criminal activity? I have no idea, but they do nothing because it goes on all the time.

  • vman

    I’m 6’4″ and a solid 235 and been bodybuilding for 22 years. If I tell you I took it for a month and saw absolutely nothing………well go waste your time and money!!

  • Rich

    Other than the price of this product, I am extremely happy with it!! The only thing in conjunction with taking c9 I’ve done is boosted my protein intake daily and the first week I picked up 5 lbs and added over an inch in bicep mass. It’s hard to call it a scam with the results and a money back guarantee. Expensive? Yes!

  • pdarius

    Greeting every body, i was caught up in the hype that this product really works. Unfortunately it doesn’t. today makes one month since taking this product. I started off weighting 190 pounds, i currently weighting at 192pounds.

  • ajsdaddie

    I don’t know anything about the company at, but I know that C9-T11 actually refers to the isomer of the CLA molecule. Commercial CLA has two common isomers, cis-9,trans-11 (or c9t11) and trans-10,cis-12 (or t10c12). While studies are inconclusive, they agree generally on two points. First, CLA seems to help with body composition, lowering fat and raising lean muscle mass. Second, of the two isomers, c9t11 seems to have very little adverse effect, while t10c12 may have negative effects in relation to insulin resistance and cardiovascular health, the amount of negative effects depending on the study.

    That being said, it LOOKS like the manufacturer wanted to try to cash in on the c9t11 information, and if they were purely c9t11, it would probably be a good thing. But since they don’t actually tell you which isomers they use (most products say something like “50:50 isomer blend”), I’d have to say this is a scam. Find a better documented product.

    • waffles

      Thank you for your addition to this discussion – great info!

  • Anthony Arnold

    Wow! I’m astonished at the length some company will go to in order to sell their products. It’s scandalous, shameful, and downright dishonest! I’m also saddened to hear that, so many people have been duped by these bogus “Merchandisers.” Remember, the adage “buyer beware?”
    Wafflesatnoon, Thank you, for your outstanding research, and exposing this “counterfeit” health and nutrition company.

  • rick ayala

    Hey ive always struggled with gaining weight, like lean muscle and not fat, and i noticed when i started using the c9 t11 product, i gained 5 lbs in 4 days. This was very impressive considering i had changed nothing about my diet or workout routine. This product works. Im still on it. The only part im upset about is that it is SO expensive compared to other CLA products. I wish i saw this website before because i would have purchased a more inexpensive version of CLA and still got the same results

  • chris

    Thank you very much for the heads up…i’ve been trying to learn more about the stuff and came across your website..thank you for the truth

    • Thane

      You must be insane to just believe this website tells the “truth” about this product when several other websites tells a whole different story including several other scientific studies.If you know anything about chemistry you should know that just because the active ingredient is CLA, it does not mean that this C9-T11 pill works the same way than all other CLA products.This is by far the worst logic i have ever seen on a website, come on people, we are smarter than this.

      • waffles

        What other ingredients are in C9-T11 that would make is so different than other CLA products?

        • Chris Wolters

          While I haven’t tried it.. it could very well be it’s not just plain CLA–if they’ve isolated cis,9-trans,11 from the twenty-eight (or so) isomers of CLA. That being the case, this may be quite different; hence the difference in price / performance.

          • waffles

            That would definitely good to know if that were the case. One would think, however, they would want to distance themselves from “regular” CLA products if they were in fact that different. “Not all CLA products are the same, and here’s why we’re better than the rest…” sort of thing. The fact that spammy affiliate marketers are all over the product isn’t helpful, either.

      • Grayson

        The fact that thier head is bigger in the adds shows the intent of deception.

      • Cody Meech

        Bro you are retarded you act like the same ingredient in a new pill is going to work completely different


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