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Canine Escapes Home To See Owner In Hospital

Canine Escapes Home To See Owner In Hospital

A mini schnauzer escaped her home and ran 15 blocks to find its owner at a nearby hospital.

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Nancy Franck was admitted into Mercy Medical Center following a surgery, and had been there for two weeks. Both of her dogs, Sissy and Barney, apparently missed their owner, as Sissy decided enough was enough, and escaped her house to find Franck in the hospital.

Hospital security cameras caught the little dog running into the medical facility through the front doors and crossing the lobby.

Sarah Wood, Nancy’s daughter, said Sissy missed her mother, and she knew where to come and see her.

The family can’t explain how the 10-year old canine knew where she needed to go. She had never been in the hospital, but was in the car when Franck had been dropped off her job at the cancer center, located next door.

Franck said she loved the visit from her canine, and loved that Sissy thought of visiting her.

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