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Cards Against Humanity Secret Card

Cards Against Humanity Secret Card

A post circulating online claims that a secret card can be found under the lid of a Cards Against Humanity box.

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It’s True.

Cards Against Humanity has been self-described as “a party game for horrible people.” A Facebook post dated November 5, 2015 claims that a secret card can be found by those who cut open the lid. That post had amassed over 60,000 shares within a few weeks.

I’m not sure if everyone knows what cards against humanity is but today my boss informed me that there’s a secret card hidden under the paper lining in the lid of the bigger blacker box so I went home and sliced my box open (which sucked because now it looks ugly) and low and behold!!!! A secret card!! did anyone know about this?

cards for humanity secret card

In a Reddit Ask Me Anything from 2013, the card maker did appear to confirm the existence of a secret card.

For the love of God, when are we getting a “biggest, blackets d***” card?” one reader asked. The official response was simply, “Shhhhhhh.” Another reader linked to a previous Reddit post in which the hidden card was discussed, along with a photo of the destroyed box lid. Other commenters confirmed they had found the secret card as well.

You can also read a discussion about the card on Board Game Geek. “I can confirm that there is a hidden card inside the inner lining of the lid of the Bigger Blacker Box. You can feel it if you run your hand along the inside of the top. You will have to cut the lining to get to it, but I promise, the silver foil stamped card is very much worth it,” one reader stated.

The secret card is only available in The Bigger, Blacker Box edition.

Bottom Line

The popular internet post which claims a secret card can be found in some box lids for Cards Against Humanity is correct. This secret card has existed for at least two years and can be found in The Bigger, Blacker Box edition of the game.

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