Are Daddy Long Legs Spiders Poisonous?

A common rumor claims that daddy long legs spiders are poisonous, but they are not dangerous to humans because their fangs are too short to penetrate human skin.

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It’s a myth.

What are Daddy Long Legs?

“Daddy Long Legs” is a term used by different people in different areas to describe a variety of creatures. It could refer to creatures in the Order Opiliones. Another creature known as daddy long legs is the spider in the family Pholcidae, previously known as cellar spiders. In some areas, crane flies are also called daddy long legs.

Small Fangs

Regarding the part of the rumor that daddy long legs have small fangs and therefore cannot penetrate human skin, UC Riverside entomologists pointed out that other spiders, such as the brown recluse, have similarly small fangs, and have no problem imparting venom to their human victims.


Are they poisonous?

Opiliones do not have venom glands, and thus cannot be poisonous.

There have been no studies regarding the toxicity of the venom of pholcids, A 2004 episode of Mythbusters attempted to prove or disprove the daddy long legs legend. Host Adam Savage was able to prompt a bite, and reported nothing more than a subtle burning sensation that lasted only a few seconds.

Bottom Line

The rumor that daddy long legs spiders are poisonous is an urban legend.


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