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Fake “Delivery Failed” Emails from Walmart & Costco

Fake “Delivery Failed” Emails from Walmart & Costco

Beware of fake “delivery failed” email notices claiming to be from such stores as Walmart and Costco.

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These official-looking emails are targeting customers some of the most widely-used merchants, in hope that some readers who are expecting gifts may be confused into clicking on the links.


Below is a fake Walmart email which we have received twice this week:


Your order WM-006443476 delivery has failed because the address was not specified correctly. You are advised to fill this form and send it back to us.
If your reply is not received within one week, you will be paid your money back but 17% will be deducted since you order was booked for Christmas holidays.


The links in the email above do not go to any website associated with Walmart. In our example it linked to a domain in Germany,, which certainly wouldn’t be used in official correspondence from the super store.


This Costco email has a similar format to the example above.


Unfortunately the delivery of your order COS-0056893495 was cancelled since the specified address of the recipient was not correct. You are recommended to complete this form and send it back with your reply to us.

Please do this within the period of one week – if we dont get your timely reply you will be paid your money back less 21% since your order was booked for Christmas.

As with the Walmart example above, this email did not come from Costco.

Bottom Line

If you receive emails such as these, it is best to delete them. Clicking on these malicious links can increase your vulnerability to malware and viruses, such as Cryptolocker which has been in the news in recent months. In some cases, we have confirmed that zip files containing viruses have been automatically downloaded when clicking these links.

If you are expecting a package from Walmart or Costco, log in to the official website, or refer to your confirmation email for tracking instructions.

Have you received an email like the examples above? Let us hear from you in the comments below.

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  • Catso Mann

    I just got two of these fake messages from Walmart in the last few days

  • Lee-Ann

    Ok I did clink on it and got the virus does anyone know how to fix it. it has messed up my whole computer darn it….. What a silly person I am.

  • Rene Cabrera

    I keep getting emails from Costco. Several per day, in fact. This has been going on for weeks. Any ideas how to stop these emails?

  • Brad

    I’ve received at least three messages claiming to be from Walmart and one claiming to be from Best Buy. Same basic message about failed shipping attempt due to incorrect address. I haven’t opened any of these for two reasons; 1) I almost always suspect that it’s a dirtbag hacker sending the message and 2) I hadn’t purchased anything online from either company recently. And after researching it I know that my hunch about reason 1 was correct.

  • Elisabeth DeNitto

    I received the same message. Also additional fake notices from Amazon and FedEx. Wanted to forward to them to the companies, but couldn’t figure out how. Thanks for the article. Very helpful

  • Keith

    Just received an e-mail today from Costco with the suspect message. Don’t have a club membership, never shopped there.

  • Julie

    Got email today from Costco. Don’t have membership there and DEFINITELY not expecting anything.

  • Dan

    Just received one today, my SPAM folder caught it. I Google’d to see if there’s an email address to forward it to Costco so they can have their fraud dept investigate it.

  • Leon

    Yes. I got one as well It stated as follows: Unfortunately the delivery of your order COS-0093236126 was cancelled since the specified address of the recipient was not correct. You are recommended to complete this form and send it back with your reply to us.

    Please do this within the period of one week – if we dont get your timely reply you will be paid your money back less 11%.

  • brad

    Received a Costco shipping agent email today. I was trying to forward to Costco but they are aware I’m sure.

  • waffles

    It’s hard to say. You may want to run some antivirus/antispyware on your system to be safe.

  • Scott

    If the NSA has the power and technology to intercept phone calls and email, too bad they can’t figure out who the criminals are behind these malicious phishing scams.

  • waffles

    Hopefully! We haven’t heard of the malicious links affecting phones.

  • Kathy C

    I have received TWO of these phony emails in the past week, one using Costco and today’s using Best Buy. I immediately delete without opening, but my email “thumbnail” says the sender email begins with “equil”. It is interesting that both of these came AFTER Christmas and the one today said how sorry I must be that the shipment was not received in time for gift giving.


    These are not harmless fake emails. If you have business with them you might think they are real. If you click on the “form” link it does not open a form but installs a virus in you computer. Your computer shuts down and reboots. he virus installs in your startup programs under a fake name like “jrzpw”. It took about 5 days for me to get the virus out. Windows Security Essential detects it, says it removes it but it only gets part of it. TPart of the virus name is ROVNIX.W and Rovnix.gen!A. One of them keeps connecting to the interenet and tries to send you to many pages. If you look in the history there will be about 50 sites you never went to. It also opens up a site that looks like a Microsoft page but I do not think it is legit. I used, Windows Security Essential, Search and Destroy, Malwarebyets and finally Ad Aware AVG. which is free and I believe took all the of the virus out or what was left and hard to get out.I got the virus from a Best Buy email. I was doing business with them. The email temps you to open it because it says it will give you all your money back so it makes you curious. The one I got wanted correct info. I was waiting for my camera to be fixed. DON’T BE FOOLED.

  • Stephanie b

    Have been receiving these for a couple of weeks from Costco. Knew it was a scam because I don’t have a Costco Membership. Should we be reporting these to anyone? Forwarding them to anyone?

    • CONNIE

      I called Costco and went to Best Buy. I told them about the email viruses. Costco was aware of it and looking into it. I gave Best Buy a copy of the email.

  • Mag

    I received a Costco email and thank God, I deleted it. However, my question is this: How do these people actually GET our email addresses in first place? I did a lot of online shipping so is one of those sites compromised? What do you all think?

    • waffles

      That is possible, but keep in mind that email lists are maintained, sold, and passed around in great numbers. They are obtained in a variety of ways, such as scouring the internet for addresses, obtaining “legit” lists, hacking, and even programs which guess email addresses.

  • Linda

    I got the Costco email and clicked on the file (I thought it was a shipment).
    I have a Toshiba laptop running Windows 7. It won’t boot up past my hard drive password prompt & acceptance, I’m not able to get to Safe Mode. The message I get is “No physical memory is available at the location required for the Windows Boot Manager. The system can not continue”.

    Does anyone have any suggestions to fix this?

    It’s sad how evil people out there can be to do this. I’m comforted to know that the bible says in Romans 12:19 – Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but [rather] give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance [is] mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

  • Karen

    I’ve been receiving these for about two weeks now and have deleted every one. The latest said it was from Costco but had Best Buy info in the body of the note.

  • Kevin

    I got hit with this yesterday at work (opened in email account – was checking for delivery of an item & thought this was the shipping agent). Opened the file indicated for corresponding with Costco to arrange delivery. Computer screen went blank & could not be used. Swapped out computer for another & was able to operate again. Thankfully the rest of the network/organization was not affected & computer is now awaiting the IT guy to come back from holidays & fix.

  • Kendra

    I just got the Costco email but deleted it because it seemed fishy to me. The return email was not Costco and I hadn’t ordered anything from them.

  • Marian Parker

    I received the fake notice from Costco.

  • Ken Aeschbacher

    Received the notice from Walmart. Unfortunately, opened the link before finding your warning. My Windows Security Essentials didn’t catch it. I’m now scanning to try to find the virus it may have left.

  • terry

    I received this email from Walmart but the grammar was so poor that I knew it was fake. I alerted my internet provider.

  • Glenda

    I received one from Walmart today. It was in my junk mail. I clicked on order number. I hope nothing further happens to me.

  • Arlene

    I clicked on the link with the order number. So far nothing strange has happened but I have an Apple desktop – do you know if the virus affects Apple computers?

    • waffles

      We don’t know if it affects Apple computers. Please keep us posted if anything happens!

  • Jane

    Got the Costco one today. I have never shopped at Costco. When I saw it had the .de at the end I knew it was something from Germany. Delete!

  • Brian

    Yep I’ve received both of these exactly as shown in the past week.

  • Dennis P

    Don’t even open these as they might contain something that will bug your computer.
    Best thing to do is look at who it is from – and if you haven’t done any business with them – delete it. If you have done recent business with them – delete it, and visit the official site directly. If you need to do anything, there will be a message there instructing you as to what you need to do if anything

  • brigitte

    I’ve received the Costco one several times, but I knew it was a scam because I did not order anything from Costco. I’m not even a Costco member. Thank you for validating my hunch that these were scammers/hackers.

    • hoorayforbilbo

      I too received two of these emails from Costco; the second of them just a couple of minutes ago. I “googled” Costco Scams to find out more info and found this website.

  • Susan

    I received this exact email from “Walmart”. Confused, I clicked on the link to fill out the form. Fortunately, my antivirus software blocked the form from opening and deleted the file! Grateful for Kapersky!

    • waffles

      Good thing it was running at the time!

  • Di

    My mother received this email and responded to it, then received an unable to deliver message. Does this mean that she probably opened this virus?

    • waffles

      If she clicked on the link, a zip file was probably saved to her computer.

  • andrea

    I found your post because I got one of the emails from walmart, and knowing that I hadn’t ordered anything from them I did a search to see if there was an email scam going around. Thankfully I didn’t follow the links. If I had ordered, and thought it might be true, I probably would have gone atraight to my store account to check; I tend not to trust any links that come through email. Thank you for putting the info out there!

  • Nancy

    I received one of the fake Costco emails. I had ordered a couple of Christmas gifts to be delivered direct to recipients, so when I got the email, I thought it was regarding one of the deliveries. So, I unfortunately clicked on the 2 ‘links’ and got error messages from ie that said the links didn’t work or something like that. I later thought to check on the Costco website and found both deliveries had been made. I don’t know why I didn’t do this first, as I usually catch such emails and delete them. So far, I haven’t noticed anything bad happening on or with the computer I used. Any additional info on these fake emails and/or what the consequences are for clicking on the links? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

    • waffles

      We haven’t confirmed this, but you may want to scan your computer for viruses, spyware, or malware.

      • waffles

        Clicking the links will send a malicious zip file to your computer. It’s best to just delete the emails.

  • William Jones

    I just received the email shown here from Costco. It was identical to the one shown here. I did not click the links. The English is poor and it does not have the appearances of an official email. Also, the email return address is obviously not a Costco email and the links in the email are both the same.
    Thank you for having this posted on the web to validate my thoughts when I first read the email.
    I forwarded it to Costco, so they can pursue it or not.

    • waffles

      You can put it in the comments here.

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