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Classic Fake: Sean Connery Angry Letter to Steve Jobs

Classic Fake: Sean Connery Angry Letter to Steve Jobs

A letter allegedly written by Sean Connery to Steve Jobs in 1998 has circulated for several years. In the letter, Connery blasts Apple and angrily demands, “Please do not contact me again.” Is this letter real?

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It’s fake. 

The letter was created by Scoopertino, a satirical website with a tagline of “All the news that’s fit to fabricate.” The site specializes in “unreal” news about Apple. The letter originally appeared in an article entitled “EXPOSED: The iMac disaster that almost was” dated June 19, 2011. That article discussed a non-existent book which recounted a tale of Steve Jobs lobbying his idol Sean Connery to pitch the iMac, only to receive an angry response from the actor.

The body of the fictitious letter reads:

Mr. Jobs:

I will say this one more time. You do understand English, don’t you? I do not sell my soul for Apple or any other company. I have no interest in “changing the world” as you suggest. You have nothing that I need or want. You are a computer salesman – I am f–king JAMES BOND!

I can think of no quicker way to destroy my career than to appear in one of your crass adverts. Please do not contact me again.


Sean Connery

Letter Goes Viral

The letter gained traction in June 2011 when marketing executive John Willshire tweeted out the fake article. Willshire even trended on Twitter, only to later admit that he was fooled by the phony letter. By June 21, 2011, dozens of high-profile websites had covered the fake Connery letter.

Bottom Line

Sean Connery did not write a letter to Steve Jobs. The fictitious letter was published by a satirical website in June 2011. The letter first went viral in the summer of 2011, and continues to resurface occasionally be people who were never in on the joke’s origin.

Updated November 4, 2015
Originally posted November 2012

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