Do Chris Dorner and LL Cool J Look THIS Much Alike?

With rogue cop Chris Dorner on the loose, many have commented that the man on the run resembles none other than rapper-actor LL Cool J. Others, however, have gone a little too far in their attempts to make this comparison.

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While some have posted real images of the two men, which does show a resemblance between them, others have gone a little further by digitally manipulating their photos to make them look even more alike.

First let’s take a look at two unaltered images of Chris Dorner (left) and LL Cool J (right).

Now let’s take a look at an image being circulated on social media, in which LL Cool J’s face appears to have been superimposed on Dorner’s head, in order to create a more stunning similarity in their appearances.

If you see the fake comparison being passed around, be sure to drop a link in this article to set them straight!

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  • J. Thomas

    Photos of them today look nothing at all alike, I would bet. JT

  • Pamela Jackson

    They same everyone has a double or an doppleganger