Does This Photo Show the Obamas Doing a Left-Handed Flag Salute?

Is the photo showing Barack and Michelle Obama saluting the flag with their left hands over their hearts real or legit?

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It’s a hoax.

In a day where photos are easily Photoshopped, one must look at any such photo with scrutiny. This particular photo has been circulated for several years. Even though others have attempted to debunk the story, the rumor persists.

The altered version flipped the photo, superimposed wedding rings on their hands, and moved the flag pin from one of Obama’s lapels to the other. Other details were ignored, such as Michelle’s hair being parted on the wrong side and Barack’s reversed jacket buttons.

One caption included with the photo recently read:

This is an altered photo to make it look as if the Obamas were saluting with the wrong hand.

You’ve gotta love this one! Look how painful their expressions are! Remember the time Michelle leaned over and said to him “All this…for a Flag??” during a 911 commemoration with soldiers folding the flag? To top it off in this photo, they don’t even know which side their heart is on! They’re BOTH doing it backwards! Jeeze Louweeze…please explain to me how any Liberal can possibly defend this behavior as normal?

Another version reads:
Just LOOK at how painful it is for them! AND, using the wrong hand! No, I didn’t reverse the photo. (See the wedding rings?)

While the caption implies their pained expression is a sign that they didn’t want to participate in the flag salute, this photo was actually taken on September 11, 2009, during a somber ceremony honoring the victims of the September 11th attacks. A somber tone would be more appropriate at such an event than a giant grin.

Below are some other angles of the same event, which clearly shows the Obamas saluting with their right hands.

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