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Photo of Dog Licking Snake: Real or Fake?

Photo of Dog Licking Snake: Real or Fake?

A photo shows a dog licking a snake’s head. The image has been circulated online as a symbol of beautiful gestures in the natural world. Is this image real or fake?

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The photo is real, but the snake is not.

Upon closer inspection, it is clear that dog in the photo is licking a snake statue.

Let’s take a look at the photo being circulated:


When we take a closer look at the snake in the photo, it becomes apparent that the segments of the body are actually all attached, as one would expect from a statue of this kind:


Bottom Line

The photo above does not depict a dog licking a real snake. It is actually licking a snake statue. It has been circulated as an example of beautiful gestures that occur in the world. It is unlikely that a real snake would allow a dog to lick its head in this manner.

Updated November 21, 2014
Originally published September 2013

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