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Dog Stands Watch Over Trapped Friend

(Amy Carey/Vashon Island Pet Protectors)
Dog Stands Watch Over Trapped Friend

An animal shelter in Washington state has released photos of a setter mix who stood guard over another trapped dog for nearly a week.

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Guard Dog

Phoebe is a basset hound who found herself at the bottom of a concrete cistern in Washington State. Tille, a setter mix, appears to have stood by Phoebe’s side throughout her ordeal, only leaving long enough to seek help.

The two dogs were reported missing by their owners in early September and found nearly a week later.  “For nearly a week, Tillie stayed by her side with the exception of the few minutes of each day when she went for help,” the shelter which reported them missing wrote on Facebook.

A resident in the area alerted the shelter that a dog had approached their home several times during the week, only to run back to the ravine where Phoebe was trapped.

Volunteers from the shelter were able to follow Tillie’s path and found the setter laying next to the ravine with her head resting on the side. Phoebe was sitting on a pile of stones, which kept her above the water.

Although cold and hungry, both dogs were reported to be in good condition.

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