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Is the Legal Drinking Age Changing to 25?

Is the Legal Drinking Age Changing to 25?

A story circulating online states that the legal drinking age in the U.S. will be raised to 25. Is this true or false?

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It’s not true.

The story, which began circulating in June 2014, was created by the fake news generator Sunday Times Daily. That site offers a form which allows visitors to fill in a fake news headline and story, which will then generate a realistic-looking article that is meant to fool other readers.

The simple description on the site reads:

Create your own fake news and trick your friends by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network. 

Below is a screen shot of the form available to fill out in order to create fake news.


The story in circulation, which is rife with grammatical errors, states that the drinking age will be changed because “alot of citizens state at that age they are not mentally responsible to drink.” Despite obvious grammatical clues that the story is fake, it has been shared by readers who were fooled by the outrageous headline. And despite the efforts of several websites to debunk the story, it continues to circulate nearly a month after it first appeared.

The graphic below has been spotted in circulation on social media sites such as Twitter. Despite its official-looking appearance with the ABC logo, the story is not real.


The fake news clipping above states, “As of August 2, 2014 legal age to drink will be 25. There has been controversy whether 21 is too young to make decisions. So the legislation at the White House has come to and agreement to have legal age changed to 25.” After readers view the fake story for several seconds, a graphic will appear telling them that “it was just a joke.”

Sunday Times Daily now forwards to nipsysnews.com, but news generator form is still there. The same form can also be found on the re-designed Huzlers.com, which had been responsible for a series of viral fake stories in recent months, before changing its format to include fake news generation.

Bottom Line

The news story claiming that the drinking age will be raised to 25 is a joke created by a fake news generator.

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