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Will all European babies be microchipped after May 2014?

Will all European babies be microchipped after May 2014?

A story circulating today claims that beginning in May 2014, all newborn children in Europe will be required to receive an implanted RFID chip.

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The story is false.

Published by TopInfoPost, the article claims:

On May 2014, through Europe newborn children will be compelled to take in a subcutaneous RFID chip.

Public clinics in the European Union are to be alerted. The chip in inquiry will be contributed with the report sheet on the newborn.

Despite the official-sounding ominous report, it should be noted that this article cites no sources whatsoever. There are also no corroborating reports by any legitimate news organization confirming any of the claims made by this website and its author.

newborns-rfidThe Photo

The image included with the false article above does not depict an RFID chip at all, but a proposed “biostamp” flexible-circuit tattoo developed by the engineering firm IC10.

Video Rebuttal

We have a short video rebuttal to this story on YouTube, which you can watch below.

Bottom Line

The article claiming that all newborns in Europe will be required receive a microchip is false. It cites no sources, nor are there any legitimate news organizations which corroborate this claim.

Note that we no longer link to viral satirical or bogus stories such as these, for this reason.

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  • WithleBlowAnon

    Even if this photograph is false, info on rfid implantation stays right. On EU official site, infos on a report asked to the rand corporation (theoritically independant of any govs (false) ) concerning rfid chips for babies are available. I’ve read the report, searched for history of rand organisation and links with any govs.
    The project is REAL, not a HOAX ! Make your own opinion.

    • waffles

      Please give us links to this proof so we can evaluate and include in the article above.

  • Hence Therik

    Please dont follow the mark of the beast!!!mor you will not find heaven forever and ever..JLU

  • Mallony

    I’m so relived that this was all a hoax. I don’t wan’t to disobey God and His commandments.

  • david in the countryside

    I must agree with my namesake. Humans have already been chipped and offered to be chipped in public so to pass this story over and to claim it’s pure science fiction is naive to say the least. There is no doubt what so ever that the government wants to chip people and they use the TV to try and make it seem normal. In the UK a tv series called ‘The Gadget Show’ showed them and said how it was envisaged that people would have them so they ‘wouldn’t need to open their front door’. OK, so let’s have the real conversation. Is Microchipping the population a good idea for security, or a bad idea for freedom and democracy?

    • Alex

      Hehe, not having to open a door can be achieved without a chip in your body, it’s called a palm scanner… it reads your veins in the palm of your hand (looks a bit like a finger print scanner, but cannot be copied) and it unlocks the door, a simple mechanism can allow the door to be opened for you this way too… :p I’dd rather have that than a chip that can be hacked…

  • David in the mountains

    it is not happening in humans yet. but the technology is there. After Christians are raptured (taken away suddenly by God), then the Anti-Christ will take control of world economy and a false religion. In order to buy or sell one must have the Mark on hand or forehead. at that point, a chip or tattoo will be forcibly attached to all humans.
    I am not opposed to RFID chip in dogs and cats, but not in me, thanks!

    • Facepalmer

      It’s funny you still believe in the rapture. Wasn’t it supposed to happen on May 21 2011? Oh, wait, that was the “spiritual” rapture, the physical was on Oct 2011… Wait, that didn’t happen either! Stop believing in BS or pick something more interesting, like Harry Potter!

      • RK

        The bible is real. The rapture is real. Bible states that no one knows the day or the time or the very second it will happen. So you can’t go by when you have heard it will happen. Those people don’t know. They are being controlled by Satan. And Harry Potter is another form of Satan. Don’t feed into it. Run away from it. Run to God… please

  • waffles

    Good find. That does look very similar.

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