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Facebook is NOT Donating $1 for Every Share

Facebook is NOT Donating $1 for Every Share

This is one that just won’t go away. Just last week I saw some graphic photos of a baby (below) with a horrible skin condition being passed around on Facebook. The caption stated that this baby had cancer and Facebook was donating 3 cents for every share. “Please save this baby” the caption states. Similar versions state that Facebook is donating $1 per share. Good intentioned people with a lack of thorough thought process jump all over these stories.

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First of all, the baby in this particular photo clearly displays some sort of skin condition. That alone should have been a red flag. And the worst part is that this story keep reappearing. And the photos are old and the ordeal for that particular baby unfolded years ago.

There are other pictures of babies being passed around with the same claim. One photos shows an infant with a growth on the face, while another shows a deformed head. The fact remains that Facebook isn’t donating for shares of such photos.

Let’s take a look at some earlier versions of the same story.

An October 2010 incarnation in which we are asked to forward the site to as many people as possible and if at least five are sent out, the family will receive 32 sents per email.

In march of 2010, a variation was being passed around in Spanish. This one also promises 32 cents per email, but doesn’t have a minimum requirement that the others do.

Going back even further, we find a Portugese email from 2009 in which the mother of this 10-month old asks you to send the email to at least three AOL friends, and then every email will also earn 32 cents.

Notice how the story evolves over time. The amount and names change. Thus is the case with such rumors, pranks, and urban legends. If you see it being shared, point out that it’s a hoax. And by all means don’t share “just in case” as this is your enlistment as a pawn on behalf of these hoaxes.

7/25/2012 Update
Another similar story is being passed around, this one showing a girl in a hospital bed. The caption reads:

She’s suffering form cancer! Facebook has promised to give $1.20 Dollars on each share! Please, share and make it. 

You may also see a photo of a disfigured child with a caption such as this:

1 Like = 10 Pray ;(
1 Share = 1$
Plz Don’t Ignore 🙁

8/21/2012 Update
Today another horrible picture of a baby in a hospital bed was seen in a similar story. The caption reads:

This child is suffering from radiation burns and cancer , fb nd some web agencies have decided to donate 1 cent for each like nd 2 cent for each share of it ,…
please show humanity please do share nd like this …. 🙁

The caption and amount may change, the fact that Facebook is NOT donating remains the same.

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