Fake Apple Giveaways on Facebook

A relatively new trend on Facebook finds new pages cropping up, promising free Apple products to anyone who likes and shares their content. The problem is, they are completely bogus.

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We’ll look at a couple of examples among the dozens, if not hundreds, of phony “giveaway” pages out there, as there are variants in their approach.

Version 1
All of of these “giveaway” pages will encourage you to like and share the page or photos they post. In many cases, the are really just funneling unsuspecting visitors to a bait-and-switch “sponsored offer” page. Take a page called Freegiveawayiphone5 - for example. They ask you to:

Step 1) Like our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/freegiveawayiphone5 .
Step 2) Share this photo.
Step 3) Complete the steps from our website http://iphone5.claimtheprize.net/ .

When you visit iphone5.claimtheprize.net you are asked (again) to like and share the page, after which you are then presented with a series of hoops through which you must jump – while the elusive iPhone is never really given away. No winners on this Facebook page are ever announced, nor do any supposed winners post that they’ve won in the comments.

The page itself has no identifying information, other than the “claimtheprize.net” website they promote. It should also be noted that this particular page was created on November 20, 2012, and claimtheprize.net website was created two days later. Both were created barely over a month prior to the writing of this article. This is more evidence of a fly-by-night operation.

Generic – and anonymous – Facebook pages like this are fishing for likes and shares with the empty promise of free Apple products.

Version 2
Another pages, such as one called FreeAppleProductsGiveaway, appear to funnel users to other similar Facebook pages – all while collecting likes and shares for their photos. Notice that it has the exact same cover photo as our first example. They ask you to like another Facebook page, called iPhone5GiveawayContest, which is newer (created 12/20/2012) and basically the same as the others. Though this page did list “winners” last week, it’s likely that those names are either fake or merely friends/admins of the page. We couldn’t find or verify the posted profiles. It’s also possible that the “winners” were merely referred to a sponsored “rewards” program, which is certainly no prize.

Do you really think there are this many pages giving away free Apple products? Of course not!

Don’t be a pawn in the endless liking, sharing, and proliferation of such scams on Facebook. And the next time you see someone liking or sharing such drivel, post a link to this article in the comments to set them straight.

The popularity of Apple products makes them enticing bait for scammers and spammers alike. Take, for example, this article from last summer, where a similar text-based scam was spreading: The Free iPad That Isn’t Free

1/4/2013 Update
A Facebook user sent us a link to yet another one of these “giveaway” pages today. That particular page is https://www.facebook.com/AppleProductsGiveaways. It links to a blogspot page which appears to be an extension of their Facebook page. Our response included these points to consider:

  • Bad grammar. (“Wanna Win A Free Apple Products?”)
  • They don’t identify themselves.
  • The “winners” never seem to come forward.
  • They host the “giveaway” on Blogspot instead of a real website.
  • There are dozens of other pages exactly like it.

Consider how many of these Facebook pages continue to crop up with the same “giveaway.” Here are just a few:

  • facebook.com/AppleGadgetsOnly
  • facebook.com/AppleProductsGiveaways
  • facebook.com/FreeAppleProductsGiveaway
  • facebook.com/freegiveawayiphone5


Note that as of March 2013, all of the Facebook pages listed above are gone. This shows you just how fly-by-night these fake pages are.

Don’t fall for it!

Article last updated March 10, 2013.

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64 Comments on Fake Apple Giveaways on Facebook

  1. There’s a new one! Here’s their FB page. Recently opened last Friday, 15th February 2013.


  2. There is another apple product giveaway on Facebook called “free product”. Do you want to check it out?

  3. there is another one called game codes!


  4. A friend was suckered into this one, I saw the share, searched and found you guys. It says it joined facebook two days ago. 2/20/13 and claiming that they gave away 100 iphones, now giving away 50 macbooks.


  5. https://www.facebook.com/FreeG1veaways what about this? :D
    fake? probablly fake :D

  6. https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Apple-Giveaway/222343727906040

    Here’s one that jsut popped up four hours ago.

  7. We shoulder remember to report it as spam

  8. What do people gain by creating these?

  9. Hardly worth sharing just one more amongst tens and hundreds, but now there’s one that is titled “Apple UK”. Although the ‘About’ page does state that the page is not affiliated with Apple, I bet most people don’t read that.

    It too was created about a month ago.

    I have posted general article links about these bait and switch scams before. Unfortunately some people don’t like being told as it somehow dents their pride to admit that they fell for it. Sadly now I don’t bother — I just block the crap from my Facebook wall and report the page in the hope that Facebook will take some action.

  10. This one popped up on Sunday and already a good 1/4 of my friends list has shared it on their timeline.


    The favorite share note seems to be “I WANT 2 WIN!”

    To quote Uncle Junior in The Sopranos, “I want to f–k Angie Dickinson, let’s see who gets lucky first.”

  11. Another one today on Facebook advertising a free unsealed iPad 2

  12. The best one I’ve seen yet

    The name is Apple. (note the ‘.’ so clever)!

    • Yep that’s fake. Apple doesn’t give away prototypes on Facebook. Also, this Facebook pages claims they were formed in the year 1337! This page will probably be gone in a day or two.

  13. Just curious, but what’s the pay-off to the scammers of getting a bunch of shares and likes of a fake giveaway page?

    • According to a recent Yahoo article, it’s about $200 for a page with 100,000 likes. With fake giveaways, they can reach this in a day or two.

  14. What to think about this one? http://www.facebook.com/iPhoneiOS6

    • Since most of their posts encourage likes and shares, AND they have one of those infamous “unsealed” posts – it is definitely just a page designed to build likes via fake giveaways.

  15. this one popped up today

  16. Seriously, here’s one…the page is “Apple.” (with a period…kinda like the band, “fun.”)

  17. Although the “Like Farming” explanation of spammers’ motives seems likely (pun unintended) the fact remains that liking a post is NOT the same as liking a page.
    No matter how many times a post is liked, that like does not transfer to the page itself, so the motivation for these bogus offers must lie elsewhere…
    Does anyone have any ideas what the point of these scams are really?

  18. Facebook today guys:


    I’m reposting in the comments section as much as I can that it’s fake.

  19. Just another one!
    created on the 16h of April 2013!

  20. I was about to post the same link Patrik did. Someone I’m friends with shared their photo. The page is 2 days old but has 8000+ likes! I wonder how they’re achieving such spread.

  21. Is apple giveaway 2013 real because they say I won

  22. I found it on twitter also: https://twitter.com/AppleInc_rqee

  23. What about something posted and shared in Facebook like the following?

    To celebrate our amazing year at the Apple Store we’re going to give away 259 Apple iMac’s randomly to those who Share this picture and Like this page.

    Complete the final step:

    The winners will be announced in this page on the 15th July

    Good Luck!

  24. david pearce // August 28, 2013 at 8:51 am // Reply

    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Scaiffe-Solutions/147350145307158 apparently 141 macs to give away as opened :O
    they have plenty of links to ‘giveaway sites and to hacking ebooks.

    Mind you must say there are genuine facebook like and share contests. some for biggish prizes but these will be from known companies official pages

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