Fake FBI Calls to Sell Home Security Systems

We've received complaints of a new telemarketing sales pitch that is using a rather underhanded tactic to peddle home security systems.

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A reader contacted us recently, complaining of a phone call she received from 860-840-7438. This call was an attempt to sell her a home security system, but the sales tactics used were quite alarming (pun intended).

Rather than simply stating their purpose for calling, this official-sounding message implied it was from none other than the FBI, stating there were “break-ins” and home invasions in her neighborhood. After these scare tactics, the salesman then offered a “free” home security system in exchange for placing a sign in the woman’s yard. This is a well-known ploy, which we have discussed here before.

Please see Free Security System For a Sign in My Yard: Scam or Legit? for a more comprehensive discussion on this scam.

salesmanThis company may identify themselves by a generic name such as “Security Services” or “Home Security Services” and the 860 area code originates from Connecticut. Their salesmen may ask questions about your address in their attempts to sell this security system.

Calling 8608407438 back will yield the following message:

You have been contacted for telemarketing purposes. If you don’t want to receive these calls press any digit now. Thank you and goodbye.

Since originally posting this article, we have heard from dozens of readers who have reported these calls from area codes all over the country, especially the 609 area code (see comments below).

We have received numerous reports that the number 5853715000 is also being heavily used in February 2014.

Bottom Line
If you receive such a call, don’t let the fake “FBI” warning fool you; this is just a telemarketer. Please read our article about the “free” home security system scam before you accept any such offer.

Your turn
Have you received a call like this? Let us know what was they said and what number they used to reach you.

Updated February 17, 2014

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71 Comments on Fake FBI Calls to Sell Home Security Systems

  1. OMG!!! NO matter how many times you elect the DNC they stilllll call you back! The phantom supervisor is so never available and yes they hang up if you probe them for information! WTF! Only relieve is go into your local legislator and get help. Why can’t it just be as simple as telling them NO or I’m Not Interested! That is totally harassment by communicaton……

  2. Eileen Back // March 17, 2014 at 7:02 am // Reply

    3.17.2014 @ approx. 10:58am (just a few minutes ago). This wasn’t a person, but just a recording. It started with something like “Hello. This is not a telemarketing call. There has been any increase of breakins in your area and you are entitled to a free security system.” I hung up at that point. It was a telemarketing attempt.

  3. They are driving me nuts! I have a bank of 300 unused # my company has and they call on all of them which come back to me. :/

  4. They just called me too.

  5. I got a call similar to this offering free a security system and instillation. They claimed to be the FBI… I LIVE IN CANADA WTF.

  6. Just received a call from this. I hung up when they asked me to press a number. The caller id said 317-559-5579

  7. Just got a call here with phone number 603-589-7240

  8. I just received this call from 3043093301

  9. Joshua Craig // March 31, 2014 at 3:54 pm // Reply

    Just received a call like this. The number was 2694772332

  10. 469-352-4000

    Sometimes up to 5 calls a day from these harassing a-holes. This is just the most recent number from around 6 AM this morning.

  11. (406)540-1239

  12. Tina Mercer // April 15, 2014 at 11:53 am // Reply

    I have reported them to the BBB under several names. First they did the FBI gig on me. Then they claimed they were from ADT (which it turns out they weren’t). Now I am getting a call that states they are from Alliance Security. I have been dealing with this since the end of January. I got a bit cocky with them several times telling them I was interested and then setting the phone next to my TV playing Stargate SG-1 with the highest my volume will go. They just continue to call me with a new number at 12144477468. It is now mid-April. We are on the do not call list. We even changed our phone number and made it private!! We still get these calls. I am so tired and frustrated. I am seriously going to find a way to get them back if they don’t back the H*** off.

  13. 304-309-3301 is calling saying ” FBI WARNING ” 22 calls in one month, it’s driving me crazy! If any one knows who they are or where they are or anything! Put a message on here with away for me to see it! Thank you!

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