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Mirror UK Fooled by Fake Mermaid Video

Mirror UK Fooled by Fake Mermaid Video

The Mirror UK ran an article about a “creepy mermaid” which appeared in “extraordinary underwater footage.” The editors failed to report that the video is not new, nor is it real.

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In an article entitled, “Video: Watch creepy MERMAID make sudden appearance in extraordinary underwater footage,” we read of an “astonishing” video clip which shows a “sub-aquatic creature” which is seen placing its hand on the glass of the sub.

Animal Planet Mermaid Specials

Although the Mirror’s coverage of the video is dated May 2014, the video was first posted online back in 2013. It is from the Animal Planet special entitled Mermaids: The Body Found which is a 2012 “mockumentary.” It was followed by the 2013 special entitled “Mermaids: The New Evidence.” Both of these specials included recreated depictions and of fictional or hearsay encounters with strange aquatic creatures.

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The 2012 press release for the first special noted that the special was “fiction based on some real events and scientific theory.” Both specials drew ire due to their documentary style, which fooled many viewers into thinking the reports were real.

Additional screenshots of the video reported in 2014 by the Mirror can be seen in this 2013 story by the Daily Mail.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has stated that “no evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found.”

Bottom Line

The Mirror’s report of a mermaid captured on video features old footage which was a work of fiction by Animal Planet.

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