Fake Paul Walker Photo Circulates Amid Hoax Confusion

A photo allegedly of Paul Walker in a hospital bed is circulating as "proof" that the star's death was a hoax. Is this image real or fake?

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The image is not of Paul Walker. Let’s first take a look at the photo and story being circulated.

The photo allegedly of Walker
The image below shows an injured man in a hospital bed, along with a “news” story that the actor’s reps “confirmed that Paul Walker is not dead.”

The image is not of Walker and the story is from a fictional website called Mediamass. Walker’s reps have in fact confirmed that the actor died on November 30.

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There is also a video alleging to show Walker denying his death reports. For that story, see: Hoax: Paul Walker Video Claiming to Show Actor Denying His Death Reports


The Real Photo
The photo in question is several years old and shows a man who was injured in an accident while cutting bricks.

Mediamass posts the same fictional articles about hundreds of celebrities. An existing “death hoax” article on the site led to confusion in the initial hours after the actor’s death, and led some to inaccurately claim that a suspicous “death hoax” for the actor circulated hours before his death. No such hoax circulated, as those readers found the fake Mediamass “death hoax” work of fiction.

See our complete article on Mediamass here.

Bottom Line
The photo circulating is not of Paul Walker, and the story accompanying the photo is fiction.

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18 Comments on Fake Paul Walker Photo Circulates Amid Hoax Confusion

  1. This man is not Paul Walker

  2. I’m Definitely NOT DEAD ; Because I Survive That Car Crash..

  3. Terrell vanzant // December 2, 2013 at 5:50 pm // Reply

    We’ll if you notice in the picture,his eyes.look at and original image of Paul walker and you could tell that his eyes are blue.and this picture of his eyes are brown.

  4. Paul Walker Is not alive! Let Him Rest In Peace!!!


  6. yeh why your eyes turn to brown?? and please reply back

  7. let him rest

  8. i am dead leave me alone

    • You think you’re so funny don’t you have a life? You really need to get one you F*cking loser respect the man and his family… A-HOLE!

  9. I just wish it was a hoax but unfortunately this is not paul walker (he is dead

  10. paul NOT walker // December 23, 2013 at 9:24 am // Reply


  11. I think people. Should. Stop making. Hoax crap period on anyone your hurting. Fans an let him be for goodness. Sake

  12. L E A V E Paul Walker A L O N E

  13. if he is alive this is the best news that i have ever heard in my whole life.i am not crazy guys.i just really want this news be the truth

  14. kelly donnelly // February 23, 2014 at 4:30 am // Reply

    This picture is not Paul walker. He’s dead and I wish he wasn’t but he is. Let him rest ffs R.I.P PAUL WALKER.

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