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Fake This Week: Lipton Tea Worms, Jonah as Mrs Doubtfire, Nancy Endorses Hillary

Fake This Week: Lipton Tea Worms, Jonah as Mrs Doubtfire, Nancy Endorses Hillary

Social media is rife with fake news and bogus graphics. Here is a recap of what’s fake this week.

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Fake This Week

The Knife-Wielding Crab video. A video which shows a “gangster crab” holding a knife has been dubbed a “hoax” by an expert who discussed the video with the Washington Post. The crab is “absolutely distressed,” he said, pointing out that the knife was jammed into the claw and the crab either can’t let go or has clamped down on it instinctively.

Lipton Tea worms. A video went viral which alleged that Lipton tea bags contained worms. As it turned out, those worm-like structures were simply “lemon flavor pieces.” Lipton rebuked the hoax on its Facebook page and other social media accounts.

Nancy Reagan didn’t endorse Hillary Clinton. An old fake news story was revived and made its rounds again this week, claiming that Nancy Reagan had endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. That story originated from a fake news website and is completely fabricated.

Jonah Hill isn’t starring in a Mrs. Doubtfire remake. When OK! Magazine published a report that Jonah Hill would be starring in a remake of the Robin Williams classic Mrs. Doubtfire, social media lit up with discussion about the idea. As it turns out, OK! Magazine‘s source for the story was TheHamiltonMare – a fake news website.

The “Damn Daniel” teen wasn’t beaten up and robbed of his white Vans. This bogus rumor came from low-end fake news website Huzlers, which is known to spew tabloid-quality swill for the sake of easy clicks. Although the teen wasn’t beaten and robbed, his family did fall victim to a swatting hoax.

“No Trump” Tower. The graphic featuring lights on Trump Tower Chicago spelling “No Trump” is fake. Someone merely altered a benign photo of the building and posted it online.


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