FiberFix Review

FiberFix Review

FiberFix is a product advertised to be more than 100 times stronger than traditional duct tape. Today we offer our FiberFix review along with additional product information.

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About FiberFix


FiberFix came to national prominence when it was featured on the popular television show Shark Tank, the reality series which features business pitches from aspiring entrepreneurs.

Although FiberFix gained national exposure in that October 2013 episode, the product has existed since at least 2007 when its website,, was registered. After the episode aired, a new website,, was registered (on November 27, 2013) and adopted a typical As Seen on TV strategy of selling one roll for $19.95, with a second “free” set for additional shipping.

This is what looked like as of January 2014:

fiberfix review

As of late February 2014, the website was offline.

How much does Fiber Fix cost?

Although Fiber Fix comes in a variety of roll sizes, the television ads and website offer a special for $19.95 plus $7.95 processing and handling for a total of $27.90. For that you get a 1-inch roll, 2-inch roll, and 4-inch roll. If you get the second “free” set (which, by the way, you cannot opt out of when ordering online), the total becomes $35.85. A pair of gloves and strip of sandpaper is included with each set.

Please see our article entitled The “Get a Second One Free” Marketing Ploy regarding this common tactic used by As Seen on TV advertisers.

FiberFix on QVC

After Lori Greiner of QVC agreed to buy 12% of FiberFix on Shark Tank, the product almost immediately showed up on the network.

How FiberFix Works

FiberFix must be submerged in water to activate the resin. You then wrap it around whatever is broken or leaking, and let it sit. Once applied, it cannot be removed.

Our FiberFix Review

The idea of a permanent repair via a roll of “tape” may seem foreign, but that’s what FiberFix achieves in some circumstances. We found FiberFix to be extremely durable in our tests. We used FiberFix to repair a broken hammer, and it performed as good as new. In seeking a permanent fix for broken items, FiberFix delivers. There are, however, a few issues to consider.

FiberFix vs Duct Tape

While FiberFix touts itself as an alternative to duct tape, the two products do not always overlap. Whereas duct tape is used mostly for temporary or medium-term repairs, FiberFix is permanent, ideal for broken handles and some plumbing fixes. If you needed to temporarily hold a chair leg in place until you could fix it, however, FiberFix may not be preferable to duct tape in temporary situations like this.

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FiberFix Cons

This is a one-time use product, and you have to use the entire roll once you’ve opened it. Newbies to FiberFix and duct tape aficionados may be disappointed by this fact, especially if they only had a small repair in mind. And remember that FiberFix is permanent, so you won’t be able to remove it once it has been applied. You also do not want to get the resin on your skin, which is why a pair of gloves is included with the product.

Other considerations

If you are considering FiberFix, keep in mind that it is more expensive than duct tape, it is a one-time use, and it is permanent. With that in mind, you may not want to be selective on what you use the product. You may not, for example, want to fix an old shovel with a $20 roll of FiberFix, if you can buy a new one for about the same cost.

Bottom Line

Our FiberFix review found it to be a durable, viable solution for long-term repairs. It is not a complete replacement for duct tape in all situations.

Your FiberFix Reviews

Have you used FiberFix? Give us your review in the comments below.

Updated February 28, 2014

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