Silk’n Flash&Go Review: Luxx and Starter (Mar. 2015 Update)

Silk’n Flash&Go Review: Luxx and Starter (Mar. 2015 Update)

Silk’n Flash&Go is a hair removal product which is advertised as an “at-home solution for painless, permanent hair removal.” Read our Flash and Go reviews from editors and readers.

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About Silk’n Flash and Go

Hair removal is big business, and several products marketed as at-home hair removal solutions are currently competing for market share in this rising industry. Flash and Go has been on the market for a couple of years, and is one of several hair removal products by Silk’n. There are two options: Flash & Go Starter and Flash & Go Luxx.

Does light-based hair removal work?

Light-based hair removal works by concentrating a beam of light at the hair. When the pigment absorbs the light, the follicle is slightly damaged, which affects future hair growth in that follicle. How effective this treatment is varies considerably among users. With professional light treatments reaching $1000 per session, cheaper at-home alternatives such as Flash and Go are appealing to many consumers.

Flash & Go Luxx vs Flash & Go Starter

When this review was originally published, only the regular Flash and Go was available. That product came with a cartridge that held 5000 light pulses. It has been re-branded the “Starter Package” in comparison to their newer “Luxx” model, which holds 120,000 pulses and has been branded the “Lifetime Package”, as it is a one-time purchase and does not require refills.

Fortunately, if you purchased an original Flash and Go model, you can still upgrade to the same specs as a Luxx model by purchasing a “Long Life Upgrade Kit” – which costs about $99.

How much does Flash and Go cost?

The Flash and Go “Starter Package” costs $199 when ordering from the official website. There is a Luxx “Lifetime Package” which costs $298, and the model has a slightly different logo. Shipping for either model is free.

The original Flash and Go, along with replacement and upgrade cartridges, can be found in some stores. We have seen the Flash and Go and cartridges for sale at Kohl’s here in the Las Vegas valley. We have not seen the actual “Luxx” model yet in stores.

Screen Shot

Here are screen shots of the official website from December 2013 and December 2014. As of this March 2015 revision, the website does not appear to have changed since December 2014.


Flash and Go website, December 2013.

flash and go website December 2014

Flash and Go website, December 2014.

Our Flash&Go Review

Flash and Go is not difficult to use. You simply plug it in and wait for the indicator light to tell you that it is ready. Once you’ve receive the all-clear, it’s simply a matter of holding the unit against your skin and pulling a a trigger. There is a bright flash of light and a “snapping” sensation. Silk’n suggests performing treatments every two weeks for the first four treatments, and then monthly as needed. Over time, the treated hair is supposed to get thinner, and grow back more slowly. Does this simple procedure really remove hair? We let three testers try the product out for several months to see what they thought.


Flash and Go does not work well on dark skin, but it does work well on dark hair. Those with dark skin or light hair may not achieve optimal results with this product. Hair coarseness can also affect the product’s effectiveness, and users should keep in mind that different parts of the body tend to have hair of different coarseness. Flash and Go is not advised after tanning or sun exposure. The product also does not work on gray hair.

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One of our testers had lighter hair, and – not surprisingly – was the least impressed. The two darker-haired testers, however, found the product to be more effective. On average, the two darker-haired testers reported a 50% fall-out of hair in treated areas after 4 weeks. While this is not as effective as professional treatments, both testers found this acceptable when factoring in cost and convenience.

Bulb Replacement

Our test of Flash and Go was in late 2013, before the introduction of the Luxx option, thus bulb replacement was a concern. Many of these at-home hair removal systems have a built-in limitation, which is obviously designed to increase their bottom line: limited bulb life. The Flash and Go Starter Package has a bulb which provides 5,000 light pulses per bulb, compared to professional units which last up to 100 times longer. How much does a Flash and Go bulb replacement cost? We spotted one at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for about $40, and a “lifetime” upgrade cartridge costs about $99.

As noted above, you can now get the Flash and Go Luxx model which includes a cartridge good for 120,000 light flashes. If you are concerned about the cost of bulb replacement, the Luxx model should be a no-brainer. You can upgrade a standard Flash and Go to the same specs as the Luxx model with a “lifetime” cartridge at any time.

Patience Required

A certain level of patience is required when using the Flash and Go. This applies to both individual sessions as well as long-term results. A typical Flash and Go session involves holding the unit on the desired area, pulling the trigger, then moving a half inch to a new spot, waiting 4 seconds, and repeating. This process can feel tedious rather quickly, and can take a half hour to treat legs alone. Long-term patience is also required ,as it can take weeks to see any results at all, and – per their instructions – it can take close to two years for complete results.

Other Considerations

The light pulse from the Flash and Go is rather bright. You may want to consider some sort of protective eye-wear, especially if you are using it around your face.

Google Trends History

The Google Trends graph below shows interest in Silk’n Flash and Go over time. It appears that interest in the product peaked in April of 2013. Since then, interest seems to have largely declined.

Bottom Line

How well light-based hair removal works can vary greatly from person to person. Feedback from our testers for this product was generally positive, although its effectiveness appears to be greatly influenced by skin color, hair color, hair thickness – and expectations of the user. If you are going to invest in an at-home hair removal system, you’re better off opting for the Luxx model which does not require the bulb cartridge to be replaced. If you already own a Flash and Go, you may want to consider the $99 lifetime cartridge upgrade.

Your Flash and Go Reviews

Have you used Silk’n Flash&Go? Give us your reviews in the comments below.

Updated March 14, 2015
Originally published December 2013

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