Did Fox News Use a Photo of a Gay Couple in a Story About Traditional Marriage?

Did Fox News accidentally use the photo of a lesbian couple to illustrate a story about traditional marriage?

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It’s true.

A February 5, 2013 article by Suzanne Venker entitled, To be happy, we must admit women and men aren’t ‘equal’  discussed the evolution of traditional gender roles.

There were originally three video clips associated with the article:

  • Should we admit women and men aren’t ‘equal’?
  • Inside look at the ‘war on men’
  • A war on men?

The video entitled “Should we admit women and men aren’t ‘equal’?” was the default video and included a large thumbnail featuring a couple kissing atop the Empire State Building. It was soon pointed out that this was not a man and a woman, but in fact a lesbian couple.

The image was originally posted in a Huffington Post article on February 14, 2012 entitled, “Valentines Day Around The World: Quirky, Bouncy And Hairy.” One of the photos included was that of Lela McArthur and Stephanie Figarelle of Anchorage, Alaska, who were the first same-sex couple to be marred at the Empire State Building.

Feminist author Jessica Valenti of The Nation pounced on the error and posted the following on Tumblr:

Shhhh…no one tell Fox News that the “wedding kiss” picture they’re using to accompany a piece about traditional gender roles is actually of a same sex couple. (MADE MY DAY)

The original article included this image, which is actually a lesbian couple.

The original article included a video with this cover image, which is actually a lesbian couple.

The "kissing" image was quickly replaced with simple line art silhouettes.

The “kissing” video was quickly disassociated from the Venker article and this video became the default.


The screen shot below was found on the Wayback Machine, and shows the article as originally published – with all three videos associated with it. The video featuring the lesbian kiss was soon disassociated from this article.


The video in question still exists, however it has a new thumbnail, and is no longer associated with the Suzanne Venker article. We found it via a search of the Fox website:


Bottom Line
It does appear that someone at FoxNews used a photo of a lesbian couple as a video thumbnail in a piece about traditional gender roles. When this was discovered, the thumbnail was changed, and the video’s association with the article was removed.


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2 Comments on Did Fox News Use a Photo of a Gay Couple in a Story About Traditional Marriage?

  1. Kelly Basden // May 19, 2014 at 4:07 am // Reply

    “Same sex marriage should be legal everywhere because…..”
    There is no need for “because.”

  2. courtny sara // November 14, 2013 at 7:34 am // Reply

    ok me and my friend sara both agree that gay marriage should be legal because if you love someone then you have the right to marry them!
    we also think that if someone does not fell that it is a good thing to do. why? do you feel this way!!! you love the one you are with right… you want to marry your partners right… so why cant they love the ones that they love and show their affection by marriage??? if they love each other then leave them alone they dont say i think opposit sex marriage should be illegal. do they??
    well that is our input so if you still feel this way about it then re read it and try again!!!!
    ~Sara thank you for listening!!!

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