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Are Fried Chicken Oreos Real?

Are Fried Chicken Oreos Real?

A graphic circulating online appears to show a new flavor of Oreo cookie: fried chicken. Is this real or fake?

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It’s fake.

Let’s first take a look at the photo.


The image shows a “limited edition” Oreo flavor of fried chicken. It has been seen in circulation in July 2014.

Oreo Flavors

While the graphic looks convincing, there are no press releases regarding such a product, nor does it appear on the official Oreo website. Although most consumers are familiar with the iconic black and white Oreo cookie, there have been numerous other flavors released in limited edition over the years, including green tea, banana split creme, and candy corn.

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The fictional flavor also cannot be found on Amazon, where virtually any flavor of limited edition Oreo cookies can be found.


This Instagram user claims to be familiar with the source of the image, stating “it’s a joke my cousin sent as a spin to the fruit punch cookie.”

The graphic’s appearance on social media prompted at least one media outlet to ask readers if they would eat such a concoction.

In early 2014, a similar graphic involving Oreo cookies made the rounds. That fan-made graphic proposed a “Moreo” cookie which would allow consumers to scoop filling with a chocolate cookie.

Google History

The chart below shows search popularity of the phrase “fried chicken oreas” over time. As you can see, its most significant peak occurred in July 2014 when we first published this article. It has seen a minor resurgence in early 2015.

Bottom Line

Fried chicken Oreos do not exist. It appears that the graphic in circulation was created merely as a joke.

Updated March 4, 2015
Originally published July 2014

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