FunLoom Review and Product Info

FunLoom Review and Product Info

FunLoom is a way for children to make bracelets, rings, hair ties, and more. Today we’ll offer our FunLoom review along with additional product information.

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About FunLoom

There have been two websites used in advertising:, registered on April 1, 2013, and which was registered on July 29, 2013. A tagline is “The creation station for your imagination.”

Contact Info

FunLoom Cost

FunLoom costs $14.99, with free shipping. There is a 60-day money back guarantee and it is not (as of this writing) available in stores.


  • Includes 1 FunLoom station, 1 loom hook, 500 silicone bands, 25 c-clips, how-to guide
  • Bands are reusable
  • Not intended for children under 8
  • It is a competing product with the popular Rainbow Loom. Bandaloom is also another new similar product.

Screen Shot

Below is a screen shot of the official website:

Television Commercial

Below is the transcript for a TV ad for FunLoom which ran heavily in 2013:

“I’m bored.”  “There’s nothing to do.” Have no fear FunLoom is here. Introducing the original FunLoom. The creation station for your imagination, to make anything by hand with cool new stretchy bands. “Who wants FunLoom Bands? Stand up and clap your hands FunLoom, Funloom.” Now you can make bracelets, rings, hair ties, headbands, anklets and so much more! Simply load the loom station with your favorite colorful bands, flip it, and use the wand to link the bands in a pattern. Pop, pop, pop it off and clip it to make a perfect stretchy bracelet. “It’s really easy, so much fun!” You can even add charms for your own unique touch. “Girls dig it.” “Wrist, fingers, ankles, toes. Every color around it goes. FunLoom, FunLoom.” FunLoom is the perfect gift that can really mean something special from teen spirit, to friendship bracelet. The possibilities are endless. Other bands can really hurt, but FunLoom is made of quality silicone that won’t pull your hair and never fades. Mix and match colors at your pajama party and make your own secret FunLoom club. “Who wants FunLoom Bands? Stand up and clap your hands. FunLoom, FunLoom.” Any color, any age, any time. The FunLoom starter kit comes with one Loom board, one Loom hook, five hundred colorful bands, 25 clips, and a step by step “How to Guide,” so you can learn hows to link and loom. You can order yours online at and double the fun with a second starter kit absolutely free! That’s double the fun, a thousand pieces to link and loom. “It’s my favorite colors.” “Totally cool.” “I love them.” You can order yours online at That fun You can get it all, the entire FunLoom creation station, and ask about the deluxe kit too! “FunLoom!” Must be 18 years old to order.

Our FunLoom Review

We evaluted FunLoom and found it to be a relatively straightforward kit for creating bracelets, necklaces, and more. It is very similar to the Rainbow Loom which has been quite popular over the past year. For those new to such products, there is a small learning curve involved and it does require some patience to create larger or more elaborate items. Once kids “get” the idea of how to create bracelets and necklaces, the kit is rather easy to use.

Rainbow Loom vs FunLoom

  • Bands: Rainbow Loom has 600, FunLoom has 500
  • Colors: Rainbow Loom has assorted mixed colors, while FunLoom has 7 distinct, sorted colors. Rainbow Loom offers bags of individual colors for sale for $3.39 each.
  • Rows: FunLoom has 4 rows, versus 3 rows for Rainbow Loom.
  • Cost: Rainbow Loom is $16.99 plus shipping, while FunLoom is $14.99 with free shipping.
  • Stores: Rainbow Loom is available at Michael’s and Learning Express, while FunLoom is only available online.

Bottom Line

FunLoom is a viable entrant in the toy loom category. While it does stand up to the competition, there is nothing about it which makes it surpass the rest of the field. Rainbow Loom and other similar products are available in stores.

Your Turn

Have you tried FunLoom? Let us hear from you in the comments below.

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