Genie Zip Bra Reviews: How Well Does it Work?

Genie Zip Bra Reviews: How Well Does it Work?

Genie Zip Bra is advertised as a seamless bra designed for maximum comfort, support, and style. Read our Genie Zip Bra reviews from editors and readers.

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About Genie Zip Bra

This front-zip sports bra has no hooks, wires, or straps, boasting maximum comfort in a seamless design.

The official website is, which was registered in October 2013. It was announced on Genie’s blog back in November 2013.

The bra is available in three colors: white, black, and nude, and it is machine washable. There are seven sizes available, from small through 3X.


This is how the Genie Zip Bra website appeared in mid-2014.

How much does Genie Zip Bra cost?

Genie Zip Bra costs $10 plus $6.99 shipping. You have the option of adding a second one for another $6.99 shipping. As of this writing, we have not found Genie Zip Bra available in stores. If you have seen it in stores, please let us know in the comments below.

Television commercial

Below is a TV ad for Genie Zip Bra which has been airing in mid-2014.

Transcript of the television commercial above:

Do you struggle with a bra that’s impossible to close? Straps that indent your shoulders? Underwires that cut your rib cage? Introducing Genie Zip Bra, the amazing new bra that lifts and supports you in total comfort. Genie Zip Bra is custom-conformed to shape you like a second skin without wires, straps, or metal clasps. The built-in cross-back support lets you enjoy perfect posture. Struggling to close your bra can be a workout, but the easy front zip lets you dress without stress and easily undress. Just zip, zip, zip your Genie Zip Bra in total comfort.

“I’m not struggling and trying to close the back. I just put it on and I zip it right up the front. Perfect.”

Bras can cause painful deep indentations, but Genie Zip Bra’s memory foam cushions your shoulders  for comfort.

“I forget that I’m even wearing it and it looks great with anything that I have on.”

The side contour panels support the underarm area. There’s even removable cups to lift and shape your bosom for a smooth silhouette, so you look better in a sweater. Ordinary bras ride up, your profile droops and sags but Genie Zip Bra always stays in place and never rides up. Made of a soft nylon elastane blend, it custom conforms to your shape like a second skin. Genie Zip Bra smooths your silhouette. No more bulging back fat or ugly bulges. And it’s the perfect sports bra for every activity. The no-rust zipper is machine washable.

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Our Genie Zip Bra Review

This product attempts to bridge the gap between sports bra and traditional bra. It offers a number of features which are designed to bring the best of both of these products to a single solution. The zippered front, wide support bands, and full back help to provide more comfort than many traditional bras, without the overly-compressed sensation of sports bras.

Our tester stated that pros of the product included the comfort straps and the front-zip feature. She stated that the product did not feel as tight or supportive as a sports bra, perhaps in part due to her bust-to-waist ratio. Our tester also felt that this may be a good sports bra and casual weekend bra, but she did not feel it would replace her traditional bra completely. The durability of the zipper was brought up, as it did not seem to be of a high quality.

Other Reviews

You may want to peruse complaints about Tristar Products over at Consumer Affairs.

Alternatives to Genie Zip Bra

There are alternatives to Genie Zip Bra available, such as the Danskin Now Foam Front Zip Sport Bra, which can be found at Walmart for about $12. There is also the Zip-Front Comfort Bra by Dr. Leonard’s which is quite similar, and which retails for about $13. Hanes also offers a “Women’s Zip-Front High-Impact Sports Bra” for about $15.

Bottom Line

For those who find a proper fit, Genie Zip Bra belongs to a category of bra which balances many of the best features of sports bras and traditional bras. Finding the proper fit seems to be the biggest complaint among women, along with some concerns about the zipper’s durability. Fitting concerns aside, Genie Zip Bra does a reasonable job of bridging the gap between sports bra and traditional bra.

Your Genie Zip Bra Reviews

Have you tried Genie Zip Bra? Give us your reviews in the comments below.

Updated December 29, 2014
Originally published June 2014

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