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Man Hangs up on Pope Francis. Twice!

Man Hangs up on Pope Francis. Twice!

Pope Francis wanted to call Franco Rabuffi when he heard of the man’s illness. When he made the call, however, Rabuffi hung up on the pope – twice.

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The man received a call on April 27 from someone identifying himself as Pope Francis. Thinking it was a prank, he merely hung up. The Pope, however, was undeterred and called back. Rabuffi once again wasn’t amused by the “prank” and hung up again.

The third call, however, convinced the man that it was in fact the Pope on the other end of the line. “I was speechless but Francis came to my rescue, saying that what had happened was funny,” he told Vatican newspaper l’Osservatore Romano.

Attempting to reconcile with the Pope, Rabuffi and his wife attended the Vatican’s general audience to apologize.

Perhaps the man shouldn’t have been surprised, however. He had written to the Pope, telling him about his illness, although he told reporters that he didn’t expect a response. l’Osservatore Romano told the press that it is common for the pontiff to contact people who write to him.

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