Who Called Me?

Have You Received Calls From Chase Home Finance?

Have You Received Calls From Chase Home Finance?

We were asked by a reader today to look into a phone number which called them, allegedly from Chase Home Finance. Today we’ll look into this number and some of the complaints about Chase.

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The number is confirmed to be owned by Chase.

The number we were given was 800-848-9380. Though this number could be spoofed for inbound calls, we did find a record of it on the official Chase.com website, on the last page of this PDF document, described as “Customer Assistance Specialist.”

We have also heard reports that some people have found a blank envelope or letter attached to their door with this number on it. We were not able to obtain a statement from Chase about this practice.

In short, it is most likely that Chase is calling you about a late mortgage payment.

Caller ID

One odd point to mention is that when 8008489380 calls, there is often no name listed on Caller ID. Certainly this is a technique used by collection agencies, but one would imagine a call in regards to a late home loan would at least show the company name.

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Multiple Calls

We have also received complaints that this number calls several times throughout the day and doesn’t leave a message. This is common for collection departments because they have a limited number of times they can contact you in a day. If you don’t answer and they don’t leave a message, however, this is not considered to be a contact.

Modification or Short Sale

If your loan is in the process of being modified or a short sold, this number may be calling in regards to this, and you should talk to Chase.

Take Notes

If you answer a call from this number, be sure to take notes as to the representative’s name and everything that was discussed on the call. Also be sure to get their extension. Even if you speak to a low-level rep, you will have a record of contact should you need it later.

Beware of Phishing

Even though 800-848-9380 is a valid Chase number, be aware that scammers often call with spoofed numbers trying to fool unsuspecting customers into handing over personal information. If the person calling asks for personal information or doesn’t sound legitimate for any reason, you may want to err on the side of caution and call Chase back at the number listed in your records.

If you don’t have an account with Chase, they are likely calling an old number in their database. You may have to try to convince them that they have the wrong number, or possibly try to block them from calling.

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