HD Vision Night Vision Reviews: Do They Reduce Glare?

HD Vision Night Vision Reviews: Do They Reduce Glare?

HD Vision Night Vision glasses are advertised as a way to reduce glare and see more clearly while driving at night. Read our HD Vision reviews from editors and readers.

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About HD Vision Wraparounds

Note, in 2016 a similar product called HD Vision Flip Up Wraparounds hit the market. You can read more about that product here.

HD Vision Night Vision Glasses are one of many “HD” products which were heavily marketed in 2014, and its advertising has continued into early 2015. The official product website is which was registered on October 31, 2013. The product is marketed by Idea Village, also known for such products as Bright Light Pillow, Micro Touch Max, and Stompeez.

Contact info for HD Vision products includes:

  • Mail (Returns): HD Night Vision Wraparounds, 400 Returns Rd, Wallingford, CT 06494
  • Customer Service: 866-304-4252
  • Email: [email protected]

Below is a screenshot of the website, captured in January 2014. As of January 2015, the website remains virtually unchanged.

hd vision night vision review

How much do HD Vision Night Vision Glasses Cost?

Online: The cost is $10 plus $5.99 shipping for a total of $15.99. As a “bonus” they will include the Wraparound Sunglasses for another $5.99 shipping, bringing your total to $21.98. Note that you cannot opt out of this “bonus” second pair when ordering via the website.

There is a 30-day money back guarantee, less shipping. This means that you won’t get back $11.98 ($5.99 + $5.99) should you decide to return the two pair offered.

In Stores: By mid-2014, HD Nigh Vision glasses were readily available in stores in the As Seen on TV section for about $10. If you want to try out this product, we suggest that you purchase them locally to avoid shipping delays and fees.

Television Commercial

Below is a television commercial for HD Vision Night Vision glasses which aired throughout 2014, and has been seen in January 2015.

Transcript of the commercial above

If you wear glasses, driving at night can be downright dangerous and stressful. Difficulty seeing the glare of oncoming headlights? Well not anymore. Introducing HD Vision Night Vision Wraparounds. These amazing night vision glasses fit over your existing eyeglasses and dramatically improves seeing at night. They cut the glare, make things brighter, and enhance contrast and clarity. 

“Wow, you really do see better.”

“With regular eyeglasses, there’s so much glare and with HD Night Vision, there’s no more glare. I love them.” 

HD Vision Night Vision Wraparounds are famous high-definition lenses with special night vision tint. Fits over your existing eyeglasses and makes it way easier to see at night. They work great in rainy conditions and really cut the glare if you’re driving in snow. Don’t be afraid to drive at night. Now you can have high definition night vision wraparounds. Take control of your life.

“I was scared to death to drive, but now with HD Night Vision Glasses, I’m not scared. I can see in front of me everything. They’re fantastic.”

“All these lights that coming to me, it’s so much glare. You know, I put on the HD Night Vision and it’s all gone. You know, I can see clearer now. It’s awesome. It’s amazing.” 

The stylishness of HD Vision glasses is up for debate.

The stylishness of HD Vision glasses is up for debate.

Now you can get our revolutionary Night Vision Wraparounds for just $10. That’s right, just $10. But don’t wait, call right now and we’ll also include our famous HD Vision Wraparound sunglasses free. That’s two pair for just $10. And now you get both, our revolutionary Night Vision glasses and the famous high definition sunglasses, both in wraparound versions, and all for just $10. Now you can have HD vision at night. Don’t wait, call now. 

“HD” Vision Products

The As Seen on TV landscape has seen a spate of products carrying an “HD” label over the past couple of years. In the case of HD Vision Night Vision glasses, the brand’s flagship product “HD Vision Wraparounds” – which advertised heavily back in 2008 – has been joined by its newer “Night Vision” counterpart. Ironcially, the website used in the original product’s advertising,, is no longer in use and is now parked. That website was originally registered back in 2008. The “official” website now includes the “night” reference in its name.

Our HD Vision Review

Our tests with the HD Vision glasses (both night vision and sunglasses) yielded a consensus that these are indistinguishable from amber-tinted sunglasses, with the night vision version merely having less tint than the regular glasses.

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Oddly, neither of these products are advertised to be polarized. Polarization is the industry standard for glare reduction in eye wear. The product’s amber tint does in fact reduce white and blue light, but it does not eliminate glare. One concern we have is that tinted glasses can slightly reduce visibility at night.

The glasses are large and designed to fit over regular glasses. For those consumers who don’t wear glasses, this gives the HD Vision glasses a somewhat over-sized feel, and may not seem very stylish.

And, to point out the obvious, the term “night vision” does not mean that you can see in the dark while wearing these glasses.

Alternatives and Competitors to HD Vision

Aside from the prior incarnation of HD Vision sunglasses, there is another As Seen on TV competitor with a very similar product called Night View NV. Other than design differences, the two products make nearly identical claims. We should also mention that Easy View XT glare blocker for use in cars is yet another example of such “HD” vision products.

Google Trends

The chart below shows search popularity for this product. As you can see, interest peaked in early 2014 and has waned since that time.

Bottom Line

We don’t feel that HD Vision Night Vision glasses quite live up to the hype of the television advertising. A pair of lightly-tinted polarized sunglasses easily out-performed HD Vision glasses in our tests of glare reduction. If you would like to try out the product, we recommend purchasing it locally in order to avoid shipping fees and delays.

Your HD Vision Reviews

Have you used HD Vision Night Vision or Wraparounds? Give us your HD Vision review in the comments below.

Updated January 2, 2015
Originally published January 2014

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