HD Vision Visor Reviews

HD Vision Visor Reviews
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HD Vision Visor is an automotive product advertised as a way to reduce glare during the day and brighten vision at night. Read our HD Vision Visor reviews from editors and readers.

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About HD Vision Visor

HD Vision Visor is a flip-down tinted screen which is advertised as a way to reduce glare during the day or night.

The official website is, which was registered in December 2013. Ads have been seen using, but that website does not appear to work as of June 2014.


How much does HD Vision Visor Cost?

When you purchase online, HD Vision Visor is $14.99 plus $7.99 shipping. This includes a pair of HD Vision Sunglasses (see separate review of that product here). They offer a second set for another $7.99, and it does not appear that you can opt out of this second “free” set – bringing the total cost to $30.97.

Earlier versions of the television commercial advertised it for $19.99.

Television Commercial

This is a commercial which has been running on channels such as CNN and Fox News in 2014.

Below is a transcript of the television commercial above.

Blinding sunlight. You strain. You struggle just to see what’s in front of you. You flip your visor but lose half your view. Not anymore. Introducing HD Vision Visor, the only sun visor that reduces glare and turns your vision into high definition.

“It’s so clear.”

“The clarity. The color. This is amazing.”

With just a flip of your finger, your vision can go from ordinary to extraordinary with color clarity and contrast you can only get from a high definition lens.

“Crystal clear. It really is like high definition.”

“Now I don’t have to wear those stupid clip-ons.”

Easy to install, HD Vision Visor clips onto any sun visor in seconds.

“I can finally see clearly. Hallelujah. This is great.”

“Even my $100 pair of sunglasses doesn’t cut the glare as good as this.”

We also include our amazing night vision lens. It brightens your vision while reducing harsh nighttime glare.

“It’s like having two pairs of sunglasses in one.”

“I don’t even feel like I’m squinting. I mean I feel like my whole body is relaxed, which is really great. Now I can go out at night because I can see.”

“I had Lasik surgery recently. This thing has really been a game changer for me.”

“Let me tell you, with this HD Vision lens, I can see so much better.”

“I feel like I’m driving during the daytime. This is great. I love it. I won’t leave home without it.”

“Now it’s about time someone’s come up with a real solution.”

“I’m keeping this.”

Turn your vision into high definition day or night by ordering your HD Vision Visor for only $14.99. Call right now and we’ll also include the pair of our world famous HD Vision sunglasses absolutely free for just ordering now. You get it all, the HD Vision Visor and the HD Vision sunglasses for only $14.99. Call now.

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HD Vision Visor Review

HD Vision Visor works by clipping onto your car’s visor allowing you to flip it down when needed. There are actually two screens – one for daytime and one for nighttime. At first I thought that perhaps the nighttime screen would be flipped down in front of the daytime screen, but the instructions tell you to flip the daytime screen forward in order to use the night screen.

I found that the tinted daytime visor provided a moderate amount of glare reduction. The biggest flaw with the daytime screen is that there is a gap between the HD Vision and my car’s visor, which allowed the sun to shine in my eyes at certain angles.

The nighttime screen gives a yellow tint without reducing visibility a great deal, and I found that it does a decent job of reducing glare. With intermittent traffic it may be best to only engage the nighttime screen in the face of oncoming traffic. I did not feel a need to use it when the road was dark, nor did it help improve my night vision. Because nighttime glare tends to come from a lower angle than daytime glare (headlights vs the sun), the “gap” problem I encountered with the daytime screen was not a problem at night.

Alternatives to HD Vision Visor

A pair of polarized sunglasses would certainly compare to the glare reduction achieved by the daytime glare screen. Perhaps a closer competing product is Easy View XT (formerly marketed as Easy View HD), which is also a flip-down glare reducer. Although that product only has a single flip-down lens, it is advertised to work for day or night driving. The difference in design is that Easy View XT is attached with a band, while HD Vision Visor attaches via a clip. Easy View XT does not have the annoying gap I experienced with the HD Vision Visor, but the latter’s night screen is superior at reducing glare. A lesser-known product, U Be 1 Visors, is also quite similar, and comes in a variety of custom designs. Although I haven’t tried that product, it looks like a meshed screen, rather than a solid tinted plastic.

Bottom Line

HD Vision Visor generally works as advertised, although the price seems on the high side for two flip-down pieces of plastic. I suggest buying it locally to avoid shipping charges and delays, and to make the return process easier if you aren’t satisfied.

Your HD Vision Visor Reviews

Have you used HD Vision Visor? What did you think?


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