Hot Designs Reviews: Do They Work? (Dec. 2014 Update)

Hot Designs Reviews: Do They Work? (Dec. 2014 Update)
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Hot Designs nail art pens are advertised as a way to achieve professional nail designs in the comfort of your own home. Read our Hot Designs reviews from editors and readers.

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About Hot Designs

Advertisements for Hot Designs first blanketed the airwaves in late 2013. The unique product was shown as a way to creatively decorate one’s nails with salon-quality results.

Hot Designs was advertised with several websites, including,, and It would appear that the product no longer has an official website, as these all forward to a page at, a website by Allstar Products Group.

This is how looked while it was still active in January 2014.


Hot Designs Features

Hot Designs allegedly makes nail art as easy as making dots and lines. The commercial below shows how easily a flower or French manicure can be achieved by using one of these pens. You start by creating a base color, then you apply precision designs using the small tips of a Hot Designs pen.

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Each kit includes a “design guide” with tips to creating a variety of styles, along with a bonus carrying case.

The nail polish bottle is squeezable, allowing you to control the flow of the polish.

Hot Designs Colors

We have seen different boxes which sport different color options.

  • Basic Beauty Set: Red & Kelly Green, Star White & Hot Pink, and Royal Blue & Midnight Black.
  • Glitz & Glam Set: Sparkling silver & Paradise Pink, Crushed Berry & Hot Orange, and Purple Pizzazz and Lemon Yellow

Originally, Hot Designs was advertised to offer the following pairs of colors: black & blue, red & green, orange & yellow, pink & white, neon yellow & metallic purple, and metallic blue & pink. It would appear that these colors have been renamed as the different sets have been promoted.

Hot Designs Contact Info

You can call with questions at 855-721-3319, or send payment to PO Box 3179, Wallingford CT, 06494

How much does Hot Designs cost?

The current online price is $9.95 plus $3.95 shipping, for a total cost of $13.90. It can also be found in stores for about $15.

When we first reviewed this product in early 2014, the cost when ordering directly from the website was $14.95 plus $7.95 shipping for a total of $22.90. As the product became readily available in stores, the online price and shipping costs were altered to match the retail price.

You can find Hot Designs in stores for about $15.

You can find Hot Designs in stores for about $15.

Hot Designs TV Commercial

Below is a the television ad for Hot Designs which ran heavily in early 2014.

Our Hot Designs Review

Hot Designs is a set of 6 pens. Each pen contains two colors, and each color can be brushed on for a base, or drawn on with the “precision tip.” In our tests, we found that the product performed as depicted in the television commercial. Application of the base color with the brush is similar to that of standard nail polish. The precision tip applies color and highlights easily, although a steady hand makes it much easier. Whether the results are “professional” can be debated, but our younger testers were most satisfied with the product.

The success of Hot Designs will ultimately depend on the skill and patience of the person using it. Some of the more elaborate examples take more time and skill than the simpler ones.

A drawback is that there doesn’t appear to be any refill options, meaning you will have to order a new set when you run out.

Other Reviews

On Amazon, Hot Designs has a 4.1 star rating as of December 2014. Most readers were generally happy with the product, although a few consumers felt the tip may have clogged due to a thick consistency of the contents. This appears to be a minority opinion, however.

Bottom Line

Hot Designs may not replace a professional nail salon for some people, but it does provide a quick way to add some pizzazz to an otherwise boring set of nails. The cost to replace Hot Designs may not make it a good fit for those on a budget who want to experiment often.

Now that it is available in stores, you’re best of purchasing locally to avoid shipping delays.

Your Hot Designs Reviews

Have you used Hot Designs? Let us hear from you in the comments below.

Updated December 14, 2014
Originally published January 2014

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