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How to Forward Mail in Windows 8

How to Forward Mail in Windows 8

Forwarding email should be an easy and familiar task, right? In Windows 8 mail, however, the “forward” option isn’t in the most obvious location.

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We were compelled to write this because the issue has come up several times here. So after being asked, “How do I forward an email in Windows 8 again?” we figured that this question must come up outside of just our offices.

The simple answer is that “forward” is buried as a drop-down option on the “Respond” button.

When you click on “Respond” you’ll be given the option to Reply, Reply All, and Forward.

This of course begs the question as to why Microsoft felt compelled to combine “forward” and “reply” into the same button, which is completely counter-intuitive.

What do you think of the Windows 8 mail app?

Windows 8 mail hides the "Forward" option under "Respond"

Windows 8 mail hides the “Forward” option under “Respond”


  • verboseaphasia`

    I’d much rather just have my forward button back. I keep forgetting. Everything about windows 8 is a step backwards. It’s putting tablet controls on a laptop and it’s driving me up the wall.

  • paul burton

    It is hard to believe “intelligent” people could devise windows 8. Such an unusable program. It is not intuitive and requires relearning Windows together with extreme frustration. Further the new HP laptop is so infested with apps for cleaning files, cleaning registries, fixing this and fixing that, the computer is useless. Win 8 is Steve Balmer’s revenge. Am about ready to throw the laptop into the trash.

  • Karen

    I absolutely hate Windows 8. Everything I want to do is a challenge or a complete frustration and takes me forever to figure out how to do what use to be so simple with Windows 7.

    I am not able to forward emails and have my address book pop up so I can pick who I want to forward my emails to.

    I am very disappointed and wish I had never bought my new laptop with Windows 8.

  • Prateek

    When i receive an email with an attachment,and i forward it then the attachment does nt forwarded…what cn i do for it? The attachments i receive are of large size, i cannot always download the the attachment..
    And i can’t even attach pdf file while composing…this was never expected by windows..!!

  • Larry Anklam

    Can’t believe it (but) I have forwarded mail by hitting the CTRL button and the F button at the same time!

  • Joan Salt

    I am not able to forward mail on windows 8, using the “initial” only, I have to use contacts, only to find that the mail I forwarded arrived BLANK, why can’t I use the first initial, and not use the contact box, which I have been able to do for 3 months since purchase, suddenly I lost the facility to use 1st initial method. Help somebody, its driving me nuts

  • Cindy Kell

    I agree with all the above negative responses. Here is what I did.. go to FORWARD then go to ADD NAMES box. Check the names you want to forward your mail to, hit TO and ok. Then it appears in your TO box so you can forward the email. Hope this makes sense.

  • David

    Check out Classic Shell. I use it and never see windows 8 except in a few cases. It makes your desktop look exactly like it was Windows 7

  • deby

    Yep good move firing that windows creator guy!

  • waffles

    That would be the separate “people” app, though you can see your contacts when selecting an email recipient.

  • Carol Stells

    Not a problem for me.

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