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How to Make a Two-Column Layout in Google Documents

How to Make a Two-Column Layout in Google Documents

Instruction workaround for creating a two-column table layout in Google Documents.

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Two-Column Layout in Google Documents

Google documents (we’re talking about documents, not spreadsheets) doesn’t allow for two-column formatting, but there is a relatively simple workaround using tables.

It’s a bit of trial and error if you’re looking for a perfect layout. But for simple things such as printing a poem or lyrics on a single sheet of paper, this workaround is extremely easy.

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Create a new document and paste or type the text you’d like to use. At the end, hit the return key a couple of times and from the menu at the top, select Table->Insert Table, then select a 2×1 table. This will put two side-by-side boxes on the screen, which we will be using as our left and right columns. Put the cursor in one of the boxes, and from the menu we’ll select Table->Table Properties and select a white border.

Go back to the top of the document and select about half of the text and then cut it and paste it into the left column. We’ll do the same with the remaining text, and paste it into the right column. Remove any excess spaces, and you should be looking at a document that appears to be two columns in Google Documents.

We’ve created a simple video for you to see the process if you need any further assistance.

Bottom Line

Although Google Documents does not allow two-column formatting, we have created an easy workaround using tables.

  • Jeff Holton

    2×1, not 2×2. Thanks tho!

    • waffles

      You are correct! Fixed, and thank you for pointing that out.

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