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Not Real: In N Out “Hail Satan” Cup

Not Real: In N Out “Hail Satan” Cup
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A graphic appears to show the phrase “Hail Satan” on the bottom of a cup from West Coast burger chain In N Out Burger. It’s not real.

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Hail Satan Cup

In N Out Burger is a popular burger chain in the West Coast that features a minimalist menu and low prices. The company’s simplicity and cost have drawn legions of fans for decades. One lesser known tidbit of trivia about the company is that it prints biblical citations on some of its packaging, such as “John 3:16” on the bottom of soda cups.

A graphic which has circulated for several years appears to show an In N Out cup with the phrase “Hail Satan” in place of the usual Bible citation. The graphic, however, is not real. Someone simply superimposed the phrase “Hail Satan” over the original, which read “John 3:16.”

Real Photo

Below is a comparison of the real and fake photos.

in n out hail satan in n out john 3:16

In N Out has fielded questions about the photo on its Facebook page. A typical response is:

We’re sorry to see the photo you are referring to resurface on the internet again. It was a photo created a few years back that was altered. We can assure you this was never printed on our cups.

As you can see from the Google Trends chart below, the graphic has peaked with internet searches several times over the last few years. A significant surge occured in December 2013, although in October/November 2015 we are currently experiencing yet another surge in internet sharing.

Bottom Line

In N Out Burger never printed “Hail Satan” on the bottom of its cups. The graphic is fake and has circulated for several years.

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