The Ultimate Instagone Pro Reviews

The Ultimate Instagone Pro Reviews

Instagone Pro is a cleaning product advertised as a way to remove stains without scrubbing, but does it work as advertised? Read our Instagone Pro reviews from editors and readers.

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About Instagone Pro

Instagone Pro uses impressive demonstrations in television advertising to promote the product as a non-scrubbing solution to stain removal.

The official website is, which was registered in September 2013. The product began advertising on television in late 2013. Below is the official Instagone Pro website, captured in February 2014:

Instagone Pro Review

How much does Instagone Pro cost?

Instagone Pro costs $10 with $6.99 shipping. You can also get a second one “free” with another $6.99 shipping for a total of $23.98. Instagone QuickShot can also be added to the order for another $7.99 shipping.

Television commercial

Here is a recent television commercial for Instagone Pro:

Transcript of the television commercial above:

Moldy grout, gone in seconds. Spotted ceiling tiles? Just spray it on and the stain in gone. Stained stucco? It’s like new again without scrubbing.

“I invented Instagone 15 years ago to clean surfaces that seemed impossible. Now after 4 million satisfied customers, I created Instagone Pro, an even more powerful formula that instantly dissolves virtually any stain without scrubbing.”

Instagone Pro takes the work out of cleaning any stained surface. Just spray it on and the stain is gone for siding that’s like new. You’d ruin a textured ceiling by scrubbing it, but Instagone Pro dissolves the stain in seconds. Grimy grout and tiles take forever to clean by hand. Now just give it a spray and it’s just like new again. Amazing. The secret is the penetrating action that works into the tiniest of crevices to disintegrate stains on contact. Now clean any surface stain hands-free in seconds. So stucco goes from water stained to wonderful instantly. And just a spray brings weathered outdoor decking and grimy patio furniture beautifully right back to life.

“All I did was spray. The mold and mildew stains were gone like that. It worked great.”

“I guarantee Instagone Pro will work on any hard to clean surface or your money back.”

So call now and get enough Instagone Pro to make two 24-ounce bottles for just $10. But wait, you’ll also get Instagone Quick Shot, the fastest, easiest stain remover for carpets, upholstery, and laundry. No more back-breaking scrubbing. Just spray it on and the stain is gone. It disappears right before your eyes. Yours today, just pay extra processing and handling. But hold on because you can double the entire offer. That’s right, you can get enough to make four 24-ounce bottles of Instagone Pro and two 12-ounce cans of Instagone QuickShot for the incredible price of $10. Call now.

Our Instagone Pro Review

In our tests of Instagone Pro we found that it ranked as a mid-level cleaner, more effective on some stains than others. In comparison to our experience, the television commercial’s representation of stains disappearing in seconds look like camera trickery, as we did not experience such dramatic visual results.

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Although we didn’t find that stains disappeared without scrubbing, we did find that Instagone Pro worked well on water and carpet stains. Not all stain types were completely removed, it worked on par with higher-end commercially-available products. That said, the cost of Instagone Pro ranks it as one of the more expensive stain removers on the market.

It isn’t clear what advantage Instagone Pro has over the original Instagone. Curiously, the website for the original Instagone ( does not mention Instagone Pro at all.

Amazon customers give Instagone Pro 3 out of 5 stars as of July 2014, with nearly equal 5-star and 1-star reviews.

Due to its ingredients, Instagone Pro may be a “multi-purpose” cleaner, but it certainly isn’t an “all-purpose” cleaner. Its purpose is to remove stains, and it is not meant to be used for general cleaning, such as dusting or cleaning some fabrics.


While the ingredients for Instagone Pro are not listed on the packaging, you can find them on this safety data sheet. The product is described as a “hypochlorite mixture” with the highest percentage listed as calcium hypochlorite. This is typically used to sanitize water, bleaching cotton, or in common disinfectant sprays or cleaners.

Even without looking at that sheet, one may infer the ingredients by looking at the types of stains for which it is said to be effective. The packaging notes that Instagone Pro is good for mold, mildew, soot, water stains, and nicotine. These are typically targeted by cleaners containing bleach.

Bottom Line

Instagone Pro is a moderately effective stain cleaner, which uses common ingredients found in many household cleaners. We’re not sure if it’s worth the high cost and shipping delays, when other similar stain cleaners can be obtained locally for the same cost or less.

Your Instagone Pro Reviews

Have you tried Instagone Pro? Give us your reviews in the comments below.

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  • Tom

    The Instagone Site has a “Decline” Button that does nothing. This causes adding their products that you do not want. This will add Quickshot Rug cleaner, and also an expedited shipping to an order. ALSO, they will send an “EXTRA” Non-ordered “ORDER” costing $52.96 if you merely look at their pricing, without actually placing an Order.
    They make excuses that this is an old problem that they fixed, but they never fixed it.

  • peggy

    I placed an order for the instagone pro and the quick shot for 24.98. I got the pro but a note that said the quick shot was temporarily out of stock and I was only billed 16.99. In order to get the quick shot now I have to order more instagone pro, which I do not want. This is a scam. I have no use for the instagone. I really needed the quick shot but I don’t want to pay 24.98 more to order the quick shot and maybe have the same thing happen again. I guess this is their way of getting re-orders.

  • n thom

    The Instagone shady practice is to add 1 UNORDERED can of their rug cleaner ‘Shot’ ($7.99), and upgrade to the UNORDERED expedited shipping ($5.99 )


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