Is this Golden Snake Real or a Hoax?

A photo of a beautiful and unbelievable snake with bright gold skin has surfaced online. Is this golden-colored snake real or a hoax?

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The photo was altered for an online contest.

This impressive photo editing was done for the contest called Alternate Materials: Gold, Adding the Midas touch which took place several years ago. The snake picture in question ranked 2nd place among a field of impressive entries.

The contestant who created the gold-textured snake can take pride that his creation has become something of an urban legend.

Below you can see the gold image, and the original from which it was altered:

10/2/2012 Update:
We’re seeing a new caption attached to this photo, attempting to clam that this is a real, rare snake. Today’s caption read:

Golden Snake is only found in thick dense Amazon forest. Only less than 10 is estimated to be alive. It’s saliva, venom and skin contains 24 carrot pure Gold. One strike from a Golden snake could kill you within 5 minutes. Many have disapeared, after setting into the forest in search of this snake.

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13 Comments on Is this Golden Snake Real or a Hoax?

  1. Hi , I liked this article a lot .all informations are too the point and helpful .so good job.

  2. damn it!!:))

  3. “24 carrot pure gold”

    • I know, right? I LMAO when I seen the “carrot” …. lol….still laughing. That pretty funny!!

      • Hey, I’ll voluntarily let it bite me if u promise to suck the venom out, then spit it out. We could then split the 24 kt pure gold out and split it 50/50. I’d allow to get bit quite a few times if u promise the above…lol

  4. Thanks for the information (Y)

  5. Wow man i though it is real ! Anyway thex for information

  6. LMAO …venom is pure 24 kt gold …. LMAO!!

  7. LMAO …venom is pure 24 “carrot” gold… LMAO at carrot and at the fact they even thought to elude to the “fact” that the venom is pure 24 kt gold!!! The person/persons who attempted to scam people in this hoax is/are funny as hell, and also extremely stupid! LOL

  8. hahahah

  9. how do u know this is not real?! for all you know this person found yet another miracle of nature!

  10. Strangely enough this picture may be a hoax however one has been seen in central south Carolina. My mother who is too terrified to even hear the word snake saw one a few hundred feet from her mailbox. In hearing this making me do some research. Haven’t found its origin yet but I will be sure to post all info on what I do find.

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